:: Boots and Velvet Top :: Rokit*
:: Velvet Waistcoat :: Glass Onion*
:: Jeans :: Topshop (old)
:: Rings :: Various
:: Hat :: Brixton*
:: Bag :: Camden Market*
:: Belt :: Vintage

Photography: Eliza Moore

As much as I wish this could have been shot in the desert in America, it can’t, so the streets of London will just have to serve as my background instead. I kinda do feel like they strike the right contrast though. I feel like this outfit has some real christmassy cowboy vibes to it. I find it best when I don’t think too much about what to wear, like for example I found these two velvet tops looked great together when I put them on a coat hanger together to hang them up as I ran out and viola , an outfit was born.

Me and Eliza accidentally picked the coldest windiest day to shoot blog outfits, but of course it was the only day of that week that it hadn’t rained so you know, silver linings and all that. Honestly, if you could see the actual reality behind some of these blog shoots, getting blown away, get changed ducking down by a random car etc, the joys of being a part time blogger haha. Maybe I should do a behind the scenes. I do love styling and doing shoots though, my favourite way to feel creative, just wish it was warmer here to do them more often!

I’m taking Christmas off for my vintage store (yay)I haven’t had a holiday all year so I thought it was time for a much needed break. Of course you can still shop here and they’ll be new products arriving on Saturday 2nd Jan, but taking the time off from that means I can finally focus on things I need to do, like blogging etc which I have so many posts to share and now have the time to really put something into it. Although who I am kidding I will be in my pjs eating chocolate for breakfast most days. Because CHRISTMAS. I really need to stop using that excuse for everything.

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