:: Hat :: Brixton*
:: Crochet Jumper Dress :: Minkpink (really old)
:: Waistcoat :: Vintage
:: Boots :: ASOS (similar here and here)
:: Arrow Ring :: Stray Arrow*
:: Fringe Jacket :: Vintage
:: Large Turquoise Ring :: Soul Gems*
Photography: Hannah Mae Clark shot on 35mm and digital
I know New Year is all about new starts and time for new beginnings and everything, but I can’t help feeling really really sad today that not only is Christmas over and I’m heading back to London today, but it isn’t the start of a new season straight away. Which for some reason I still half expect it to as if by magic on New Years day. But no, I’m looking out of the window at the grey, dull skies and seeing the lifeless trees- we’re still stuck right in the middle of winter in England, and it sucks. Hence the title, which after writing it I did get ‘in the bleak midwinter’ stuck in my head, which was going to be the original title but then I thought it might be too much on Jan 2nd. Isn’t that a hymn as well? Reminds me of school. 
Anyway, the thought of it not being spring for months isn’t a happy one for me, and neither are these grey skies which we’ve just had a week of. Anyone in England will know the English constant struggle with the weather here, these lands are only green and pleasant because it rains so much. Hmm another hymn reference what is happening to me. I’ve been finding it such a struggle to shoot or do anything when it starts to get dark at 3pm (!!) and sometimes it never gets light all day. 
But then suddenly, like on this shoot, the winter sun makes his beautiful appearance and completely changes the game. Giving me hope that it’s not that much longer until it gets lighter, the air gets warmer and I see those first buds on the trees, the birds start singing again, because winter isn’t forever, as much as it feels like it for me, and there’s so much to look forward to. Going to fill my January with being as creative as possible to beat those January blues.



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