Staring at Stars Dress: Urban Outfitters*
Bag: Vintage
Boots: Ash

It was just another sweet-as-sugar sunny day in LA when these photos were taken. Although I’m really missing the LA sun (and all the cactus and palm trees) I’m so glad I’ve come back to sunshine in London, as the last time I came back it was the middle of winter here and the coldest it had been all year, which was such a crash after all those blissful sunny days. And I’ve already booked flights back so it won’t be long until I’m back in the sunshine!

This Staring at Stars cotton dress from Urban Outfitters was perfect for throwing on on the days when you have no idea what to wear as it’s such a lovely shape and looks almost vintage with cross stitch detailing. And there was a lot of those days as I was living out of a suitcase for two months!

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