Kimono: Tamga Designs *
Maxi Dress: Raga

Photography: Hannah Mae Clark

Casting spells for sunshine, wearing this pretty kimono from Tamga designs. only 50 have been made and the traditional ikat weaving is made in a remote island in Indonesia, in partnership with a local NGO that works towards the preservation of traditional textiles. So I’m pretty honoured to be able to wear this all the way over here in the UK.

It’s been a crazy few weeks, and I haven’t had a day off for 11 days. I’m currently writing this standing in my very own shop (which still hasn’t sunk in yet) in Brighton. The one thing I’ve always wanted, the dream has finally become the reality and I’m still in disbelief! If anyone fancies a visit it’s 3 Gardner Street Brighton, it’s a pop up but it’s going to be here for a while.


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