Above: Sunrise at Trasseria

 Following on from the last blog post all about my Spanish Yoga getaway. On the Saturday morning we awoke early again to indulge in another yoga practice by Amber, and this one really pushed it (in a good way!) I stretched muscles that had never been stretched before, and really pushed myself and I could feel the benefits straight away. if you’re feeling stressed or have a lot going on, I would honestly recommend some time to do yoga, I’m a full convert, whether it be at home watching youtube instructors or signing up for some local classes, it really not only helps your body but your mind too.

After the class we had a beautiful breakfast followed by an intense three hour hike to really blow away those cobwebs. It felt so refreshing to be able to walk and talk with some really inspiring women, open up and get out of my comfort zone.

We then sat down to another beautiful feast of handmade food, they were really spoiling us! I’ve never eaten so well. After eating we had a bit of downtime, which meant I could shoot with the retreat photographer, Natasha Marshall, and we got some really great shots, the Trassiera Villa being the perfect backdrop, as well as all the pretty land around it! And of course the weather, how I’ve missed the sunshine. 

Saturday evening came, and another yoga lesson, this one being a little specialer (and easier after the hike!) I was really getting into at this point, honestly it’s a wonder what it can do for your head. After the lesson we were treated to a crystal bowl sound session by Gabrielle Hailes, which I’ve never experienced before-it’s a healing using sounds, like a large bowl, and it is very intense at first, it’s so hard to explain, it’s not frightening but it does stir up some feeling inside you, Gabrielle explained that the best way is to embrace it, which I allowed myself to do and it did evoke a sense of calm inside. 

I was so glad I went and experienced this, I couldn’t recommend it enough, whether you’re beginner or expert, going on the retreat did wonders for me, not only for body but for mind too.

To find out more about SYC and their events, click here

Weekly Wednesday SYC yoga classes in London: http://secretyogaclub.co.uk/syc-weekly

Gabrielle Hailes teaching: http://secretyogaclub.co.uk/gabrielle-hales/

Amber Scott teaching: http://www.amberscottyoga.com

And their next retreat in Italy looks to be amazing! http://secretyogaclub.co.uk/villa-lena-retreat


All photos of me: Natasha Marshall


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