Dress: Waiste Vintage
Boots: ASOS (now on sale!)

Photography: Kaye Ford

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Kaye again, on the day I went back up North for Christmas. (Talk about cutting it fine!) We shot these in Dead Wax Social in Brighton, a place I frequently visit and think, oh it would be great to do a shoot here. And so we did. I mean, just look at that wallpaper! Kay completely got my vibes and I absolutely love the results.

I literally hacked this seventies vintage maxi dress into a mini when I was late to my own Christmas party last week, and I’ve still not had a chance to hem it properly. It’s definitely the most festive dress I own, I realised when going through my wardrobe, I literally am not a dressy up person I’ve come to find. But I’d wear this dress all year round anyway, I love the light pink embroidery and the flared sleeves. This is my Christmas day outfit for sure, braving it with the red lips too! Because if you can’t wear red at Christmas, when can you? And at least I know no one else will be wearing this one!


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