Jumper: Free People
Flares: Free People
Kayla Cap: Brixton*
Cavalier Boots: Matisse
Photography: Kaye Ford

I mean, hello dream kitchen! If you’ve not visited Bobby Fitzpatrick in west London then I suggest you should immediately, if not sooner, as it is literally a 70s dream come true. Everything about it is amazing, the attention to detail is incredible, and I can’t wait to shared more from this shoot with you.
I went for the first time to shoot with Kaye and basically just wanted to move in. It’s such a shame that there is no where like this in Brighton. It’s given me a few ideas let me tell you! And what a complimentary outfit to wear in the ‘kitchen’ area, mustard is my absolutely favourite colour, and it’s perfect for banishing those January blues.
I’ve been recently desperate to do something different with my hair. I don’t know if it’s the January blues/boredom kicking in, but unless I cut it all off (NEVER not after growing it this long) I am itching for a change, and from someone who has super straight hair and hates wearing her hair up, curling my hair has been a great alternative recently, I LOVE the way it looks. I was always desperate to have curly hair as a kid, I would sleep religiously in rags or those foam curlers, or good old fashioned braids, but after a few hours of waking up my hair would just be completely straight again, much to my despair. 
So when I found curling wands it was a dream come true. Although now  I am desperate to upgrade and get a better curling wand, I’ve been so overwhelmed by the amount of choice out there, seriously who knew how many they were! So if anyone has any suggestions for a great wand, please let me know.



  1. February 3, 2018 / 9:46 pm

    These snaps are gorgeous! Love the kitchen haha. You fooled me, I thought you had naturally wavy hair! Also, don't cut it – it's beaut long. 🙂

    T x

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