It’s that tricky time of year, when I’ve got it into my head that it’s Spring already. And it’s definitely not, if anything it’s got colder, and us Brits are doing what they do best, moaning about the weather. It’s also an odd sort of time at the moment where I’m not wearing what I want to wear, but what I have to wear, which I’ll be honest, does get me down!

It is hard in winter, I find it especially hard to stick to my ‘personal style’ when mine seems to favourite indian gauze or cheesecloth dresses and embroidered blouses, not very winter practical at all. So figuring out what to wear is something I especially struggle with every year around this winter period. I’m not really a jumper and jeans kind of girl, I just don’t feel like I can pull it off, yet recently I’ve been living in, you’ve guessed it jumpers and jeans. Because I don’t want to dress like a 70s throwback all of the time, and that’s ok. I don’t know why I make myself feel bad and think I’m not being ‘me’ when I’m my most comfortable in (flared) jeans and an oversized jumper but I do, and I shouldn’t. Personal style is and should be about changing and adapting, and definitely should be wearing things you feel comfortable in.

And what I’ve definitely come to realise over the years is just because I own a vintage shop doesn’t mean I have to dress head to toe in vintage all the time. Personal style is just something that changes and evolves, just as we do as we grow. I’m the first person to admit I am definitely influenced by any of my favourite bloggers over on instagram too, they provide endless source of style inspiration, and so they should,  I love trying new things and styling them in my own way, and although I couldn’t care less about trends, it doesn’t mean I don’t accidentally follow them (aka my straw bag addiction, baker boys, berets, etc etc). Some of my favourite people on instagram are those that have their own unique style completely different to mine, and just seem so effortlessly cool that I just really admire them, even though I wouldn’t really wear it myself. I think as I’ve got older I’ve definitely found and stuck to my ‘personal style’, but I love how it can be influenced and adapted at the same time, I’ve realised I don’t have to stick so rigidly to it, and no one is going to judge me if I spend half of February in the comfiest cosiest clothes possible.

Top: Waiste Vintage
Skirt: Vintage via Depop
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (old)
Hat: Brixton, similar here
Necklace: Two Feathers, 

Shot by Kaye Ford

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  1. February 22, 2018 / 1:31 pm

    I get what you mean here. I was always this 'grunge girl' in dr Martens, ripped jeans and band tees, and when I grew up and switched into more feminine and elegant style, I felt like I am betraying myself. It's ridiculous because – as you said – style is something which evolves and changes all the time. I still like wearing denim skirts and fishnets, but it doesn't mean I can't wear vintage dress and heels. Fashion is a great thing, it allows us to be whoever we want and to choose what we like the most from all of these trends.
    I love winter however, it's my favorite time of the year. I can wear layers, cozy knits and funny socks and that makes me feel good.

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