Yes I specifically bought cake for this shoot and it was delicious. But more about the coat. I think this has to be my favourite vintage seventies coat I’ve ever bought. I love everything about it, from the perfect tan colour to the white stitching and pocket detail, the pretty pink satin lining and enormous sheepskin collar, this is me in a coat. I actually can’t even remember where I got this from, I definitely know it was online, I think either eBay or Etsy…

I do prefer vintage coats over anything high street/designer. Don’t get me wrong I’ve definitely bought into the faux fur trend and the cute bombers this season, and who doesn’t love a biker jacket, but for me, vintage is always my first love.

 I’ve had so many vintage ones over the years all in some variation of suede and sheepskin, some I regret selling and some I wondered why I even liked in the first place. But this one has really stood the test of time in my wardrobe. Which is quite hard let me tell you from someone who is so indecisive and changes their mind about their clothes every five minutes (definitely quite handy having a vintage shop where I can sell on anything I change my mind on). It’s been through a lot these past years, it’s moved flat at least four times and seen so many ups and downs, been photographed with those that have come and gone, been borrowed, had drinks spilt on, travelled to different countries, and kept me super cozy and warm throughout so many winters, plus it actually does go with just about anything. Literally it is the perfect coat for me.

 I’ve never seen another one like it, and although just now I did spend 20 minutes glueing sheepskin fluff back on, and it’s coming apart a little at the seams on the inside, I’ll never find another one to beat it. I love you. 

Has anyone else found their perfect coat? I would love to see!

Dress: Vintage
Coat: Vintage
Boots: Topshop

Photography: Kaye Ford


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