Well, it’s not often you can walk around the UK in just jeans and a t-shirt is it? let’s face it, even in summer here. But, by some sort of sign from the Gods that absolutely everyone here was sick of winter, there was a miraculous heatwave last week, and that just left me craving more sun.
I do admit that quite often I feel like I should have been born in wrong decade, the wrong country, but then I think should I have really? If I was actually from America would I appreciate all the Americana and western feels and love it as much as I do by travelling there? Would I still dress like this if I was from there? If I was born in the seventies would I have wanted to wear flares and hippie dresses then? It does make you realise that maybe as far as fate would go, even if you don’t think it, you usually are in the right place and the right place, there is a reason.

For example, take these amazing boots from Matisse, I’m a massive fan of the brand and I have been for years, they’re American, but you can order online, and I love that about them, the fact I can wear them here in the UK without worrying I’ll walk into someone in the same pair in the street, and I get tell people about the brand too, every time I wear them they are always a talking point. They’re different, harder to get hold of than your average UK high street boots and cooler (well in my opinion anyway haha) to own. 
Although it’s nice to daydream about being someone or being somewhere else, it’s so important to appreciate what you have, right here and now in the moment. The sun came out last week and everyone went straight to Brighton beach, it was one of the most fun weeks I have had in a long time, and would I have wished I was anywhere else at that moment? No, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.
Paisley Scarf: ASOS (old)
Harley Davidson T-Shirt: Los Angeles



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