Most people who know me know that I’ve never been the marrying kind, but after wearing one of Rue de Seine dresses that could seriously change. Yes, yes of course I know I shouldn’t be getting married just for the dress obviously, but also LOOK AT THIS DRESS. It has fringe detachable sleeves for heavens sakes, I actually want to wear this just as a dress, not just for a wedding!
Honestly if it wasn’t for the pebbles, you could almost be fooled into thinking this was shot on a beach in California and not Brighton last week! It’s a little bit of a strange one me blogging about wedding dresses without actually being close to getting married, but I couldn’t resist when I saw how dreamy the Rue De Seine bohemian dresses are. They fit my aesthetic perfectly. Apart from getting a few strange stares on the beach Kaye shot this shoot absolutely perfectly, better that I could have dreamed it-so perfect in fact I want her to a. be my wedding photographer if I do get married, and b. I would just use these images when I get married anyway, I literally want to print one off and frame it haha.
I mean, if I was to get married, I would 100% want to run away to the Californian desert to do it, and literally just have close friends/family and I’d definitely wear this fringe jacket over my dress. I would never go into a standard wedding shop and get a traditional dress, it’s just not my style AT ALL. So I’m pretty happy I did discover Rue De Seine ! A few more favourite dresses from them are this one, this one and THIS ONE 🙂 

Yes there are a lot of photos in this post I do apologise but it’s not everyday I get to shoot a wedding dress like this!

‘Ferra Night’ wedding Dress: Rue De Seine*
Jacket: Vintage
Hat: Brixton*

Shot by Kaye


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