The very first thing I noticed when looking at this blog post was omg I’m not wearing any vintage. A rare thing for me indeed. I’m really feeling snakeskin at the moment, I’m the kind of person that gets obsessed with things very easily (and quickly) you know when you can’t stop thinking about something you just have? Anyone else suffer from this?

 I blame wishfully looking at this crazy expensive python printed Chloe skirt the other week that started this new obsession, I’ve now ordered a snakeskin phone case with my name on it from eBay, some more snake boots from Free People, I’ve got a least three snakeskin bags I’ve ahem *borrowed* from my shop, and now I’ve added these amazing snakeskin flares to my collection. These are so comfy, and come to think of it this blouse looks very Chloe-esqe too.

Another one of my obsessions is of course wicker bags, this one being more of an unusual colour and shape than what I’ve seen around, I’ve become a woman on a mission to have one in every single shape and size I can think off, 6 and counting…. I’ve taken to carrying this one around in my arms like a baby. In actual day to day life most people I’ve met with it can’t actually believe it’s a bag and I have to open it and show them. My new favourite thing to do.
 I literally wanted this outfit to look as warm and spring-like as possible, I’ve taken to dressing like it’s Spring even if it doesn’t feel like Spring in some sort of desperate attempt to manifest warmer weather. I’m just too impatient and bored of waiting. I’ve got all my summer clothes that I’m desperate to dig out from under my bed, I’ve got such strong urges to sit on Brighton beach and have drinks with friends and float around in seventies maxi dresses and not 5672 layers. Winter, I’m OVER YOU.

Snakeskin Flares: Catonine*
Broderie Anglaise Blouse: Zara
Wicker Bag: Roboty RΔ™czne*
Boots: Matisse

Photography: Fordtography

If in doubt, add flowers.



  1. April 9, 2018 / 9:09 pm

    I saw a lot of snakeskin prints in summer and fall collections, so yes, this is a great thing. And you wear it just perfectly! You could easily walk down the Chloe runway!

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