I literally couldn’t think of the word for chevron for ages then, it’s definitely not ‘zig zag’ as this really clever and witty and thoughtful blog title likes to think. I swear there’s something wrong with my brain sometimes, it always appears to stop working when I really need it, especially around the time when I have to introduce people, everyones names just literally fall out of my head, it’s so embarrassing, even people I’ve known for years, like why that happens I don’t know, it’s like a total brain freeze. Anyway, completely off topic here, not that there really was a topic to this post, more just a nice rambling one. Mainly to declare my undying love of maxi dresses and especially this pastel rainbow dream one, this is definitely one to cheer you up on any bad day. It’s lovely and floaty and silky and I just love the shape of it and the sleeves, oh and the gold braiding to the front, what a total DREAM of a dress.

Dress: Bl-nk chevron dress via Anthropolgie
Boots: Free People
Bag: Maje

 These were again shot in Lanzarote, in case you’re wondering where this location is in Brighton/London, it’s not! Having just booked flights to Spain and Italy for next month, I’m itching to bring this dress out to play again, because lets face it the weather is still *just not quite there* yet, and I’m also itching to drag my summer clothes out of retirement from under my bed. What will be in the boxes? what will I have forgotten about? (my memory is honestly terrible, I couldn’t even tell you what I did last Monday). I’ve also got a wish list a mile long of everything I want to buy for my summer wardrobe, (mainly cute maxi dresses) and also slip on sandals as I realised when on holiday in Lanzarote I seem to have absolutely none of.

Honestly I feel like my head is going to explode from all the inspiration I’ve being seeing recently on instagram and pinterest that I might just have to go lie down in dark room to recover. But I’m absolutely loving feeling inspired again and feeling more positive than I have in a long time. YAY to that.


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