So I’ve been to Amsterdam a few times now, and this is the first time I’ve been in this glorious sunny weather! So I thought I’d put together a very mini guide of my favourite places in this pretty canal city. We went Sunday-Tuesday this time, short but sweet as we were in Amsterdam for the Jack White gig on Monday, (which was amazing btw) but we still packed a lot in and it was a lot easier as we knew where we wanted to go now, so this might be helpful for anyone going the first time or if you want new places to visit there.

Where to Stay: De Pijp

So, De Pijp is pronounced ‘De Pipe’ and it’s the Latin Quarter of Amsterdam. It’s beautiful and full of live. We actually stayed in by accident the first time around as it was the only place we could get an air bnb (don’t leave booking accommodation until the last minute it sells out fast btw)

This time we stayed in Nine-T-Teen b&b in De Pjip, the loveliest little B&B. The room was simple but lovely and the reception/cafe reminded me of an old farmhouse it was full of wooden furniture and antique rugs.

I absolutely love it round here, it’s so bohemian and the area is full of trendy bars, restaurants and cute boutique shops as well as some great vintage shops too, and close enough to walk everywhere or into the city centre as well.


Omg so this place is actually amazing, I’ve been here about four times now and it is SO DELICIOUS every single time. If I could eat breakfast at one place for the rest of my life this would be it. I’ve even tried to recreate their green coconut bowl for my breakfast at home.

It’s a former cinema from the 1920s converted into a beachy style cafe that serves the most incredible food and drink, there’s plants and macrame everywhere, it’s so well decorated.

I recommend the green coconut bowl or the kale and poached eggs with a cool coconut coffee, you can even get a drink in a coconut too, and they do a lunch/evening menu, oh and COCKTAILS.

I also really wanted to try The Avocado Show which is round the corner, you can’t book for it and it always had such a long wait every time we tried so we ran out of time, but it looks amazing (and very imstagrammable haha) NEXT TIME.


My favourite vintage shops in Amsterdam are Marbles Vintage and Penny Lane Vintage, both in De Pijp and really well priced and they have a few around the city, there’s also the Kilo shops, where everything is priced by weight and the flea markets are incredible in Amsterdam for vintage clothing. Another favourite is 1953 Retro and Chic, I picked up an indian gauze for 30 euros last time I was there.

Waterlooplein flea market is the oldest flea market in Amsterdam, it’s on almost daily and it was very easy to walk to from De Pijp, and there are lots of vintage shops close to this one, including the Kilo and a Marbles.

My favourite flea market though is Noordermarkt (on every Monday) it was a short taxi away from de Pjip but I’ve found some incredible things there, it’s well worth a visit. The Bloememarkt is also worth a visit, again on daily. DePijp is also full of boutique style shops too, so it’s a great place to have a wander around.

Seriously, the way they decorate the shops is incredible, I loved the way they incorporated the clothes, plants and homeware.


We found this cute pub on our first visit there, if you’re into beer it has so many to choice from (over 300 in fact) I had a great cherry one, and of course the world cup was on when we went this time so kept my boyfriend happy. Bar Mash was also good, and it’s right in the square where everyone seems to hang out.

What I wore in Amsterdam: Dresses and flat shoes

Like the UK, Amsterdam was in the full throes of a heatwave and I’m so glad I packed light (I also left room in my suitcase as I knew I’d be bringing some vintage back with me) aLL i brought was simple summer dresses and a couple of pairs of sandals, I didn’t even need a jacket, flat comfortable shoes are definitely a must with the amount of walking we did.


Other Places of interest: Vondlepark, all the usual tourist attractions, there’s so much to explore! I hope you enjoyed reading this, if you’ve been to any of these places or have any suggestions of places to visit next time, let me know!



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