Yes yes, I know, I know, how British is it to talk about the weather, but HOW AMAZING IS THIS WEATHER?! I can’t remember a summer this hot in what seems like forever, and it’s very handy to live by the sea let me tell you, I’m feeling very lucky that I do. I’ve been to the beach more times in two weeks than I have in two years of living here. The sunshine makes me so happy (and drink a lot more) because who can resist going for a cheeky drink or two in the sun, plus world cup of course.

This beautiful weather however, has also made me very lazy, does anyone else find that? I’m literally just throwing on dresses and wearing the same thing two, (sometimes three don’t judge) days in a row, and the last thing I’ve wanted to do recently is sit down and write a blog post. i think most people’s mentality in the UK is as soon it’s sunny to literally spend every moment they can in the sun, or at least I’ m like that anyway, I’ve been putting various things off this week to sit on the beach instead. Got to make the most of it! I’m also feeling a little meh, like, what can I talk about on here, inspiration has not hit me this week to be honest, I’ll partly blame the heat for that. but yeah, I’ve just felt a complete and total lack of motivation. It’s hard, especially when I alternate between running a shop and this, to constantly come up with new and exciting ideas, most of the time when I get home from work I’m so exhausted I just want to lay on the floor.

My indecisive nature is at an all time high, and I’ll be honest, I’ve not really done anything of note these past few weeks, apart from enjoy the weather. But one thing that’s not failed me so far is dresses. While I’ve mostly been living in effortless breezy maxi’s, I do love a shorter length, not too short as I’m not a massive fan of my knees through. This Joanie dress is one of my favourite colours, and I love the tortoiseshell buttons. It doesn’t need too much accessorising as the colour speaks for itself, plus it’s on sale now too. I bought these ASOS suede clogs years ago, I also have them in black too and they’ve never let me down, I always get so many compliments on them.

Dress: c/o Joanie

Clogs: ASOS

Photography: Beth Alstone



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