I thought I’d do something different on here and tell you a little bit more about me, because I’ve just realised I’ve not done anything like this before, and I am usually a quite a private person so it might help me open up a little bit more and share things of a more personal nature. Putting myself out there! And of course if there’s anything else you’d like to know about me after reading this, just ask.

I have 17 tattoos, out of which only two mean anything, the rest mean jack shit and I’ve gotten them on a whim, because I believe it’s more about the experience and who you go with than the actual thing.  I don’t regret any of them. (I just had to count them because I didn’t know how many I had) and bonus fact my nana to this day, STILL doesn’t know I have any.

I have the world’s worst sweet tooth and I eat chocolate or something sugary everyday. But I don’t have any fillings. How I don’t know. My favourite desert has, and always will be, lemon meringue.

I’m NOT a morning person. I much prefer staying up late into the night, it’s when all my most creative ideas happen.

I hate butterflies, moths, anything that flutters gives me a heart attack,GET AWAY FROM ME

I went to university for a year, I blew my student loan in a week, I never went in, and then I quit. Not good. However, now I own my own business and a shop, honestly you really don’t need university to be creative. I do believe that studying your passion can kill it. Unless you know, it’s for something like medicine that you actually NEED  a degree for.

I take style inspiration from everywhere, instagram, bloggers, pinterest, eras, colours, you name it. There isn’t really one person I get style inspiration from. 

Bad habits include : being moody for no reason, chewing my lips/inside of my mouth and being stupidly indecisive most of the time. Oh and I over think everything.

I do deal with anxiety, on a daily basis, and I have dyspraxia too. I get social anxiety too and I do have the tendency to completely shut down when things are difficult.

I love the summer, sunshine, being in the sun, I didn’t go abroad and feel a ‘proper’ summer holiday in the sun until I was 16 so I’m a little obsessed with always wanting to go on holiday

Things I like about my appearance: my hair, eyes and lips

Things I don’t like about my appearance: oily skin, boobs, thighs, nose, eyebrows

My favourite scent/smell is rose, I can’t enough of it

I’m late for everything, I’m messy and unorganised and I can barely cook, but I am creative and I will always pay to go out for tea if it’s my turn! (And yes it’s breakfast, dinner, tea.)

Dresses are my favourite thing to wear (if you hadn’t noticed) they’re the easiest thing to put on and dress up (or down), if i could live in one thing for the rest of my life it would be a maxi dress, boots and a suede jacket



Photography: Kate Sky

Dress c/o: Free People

Shoes c/o: Free People




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