As the last few days have been the most horrific windswept rainy nightmares here, I feel like this post is well needed. As we are all very much aware England is THE MOST cold and miserable (and rainy) in winter. But your wardrobe doesn’t have to be! (Sorry bit cheesy there) Because I live in a country where unfortunately it is guaranteed cold from Nov-March, I’ve now decided to view coats in the same way as I view dresses, one for every occasion. And it’s hard to find just one or two coats that go with everything. Because let’s face it, the winter is so long here you will get bored of just one winter coat, and you spend so long wearing them you should really have a great selection. Oh god, do I sound like an enabler here? I don’t mean to be, in fact two of the coats below are from last year but can you tell? I feel like when you find a great style of coat it will usually come around again next winter.

PLUS there’s then you have way more choice to go with more winter outfits, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you need to have hundreds of coats, but it is always nice when you live somewhere cold to have a good solid selection on rotation. You’ll always get cost per wear because we all know come December you can’t go outside here without a coat on, and you know you’ll also be wearing them next year too. Point proven below ! So without further ado, let’s get to the coats (with a couple of jackets thrown in here too).

This Autumn Winter time I’ve mainly been loving the following styles of coats: anything checked (short and long) a faux teddy bear/borg (preferably brown) and anything vintage suede with fluffy collar, then classic leather and fringe (not so much full on winter but for slightly warmer days with a chunky jumper). I do eventually want to find the perfect faux leopard, but the hunt is still on for that.

So I’ve rounded together the coats/jackets I’ve been wearing on rotation recently below, and I’ve linked some of my favourite coats in the sections too, enjoy!


First photo taken by my boyfriend, Second photo take by Sarah Ellen, Third Photo taken by Bekky Lonsdale

First Jacket from Pieces, linked below, second Jakke and third Free People both from last year, linked similar below:



Photos Taken by Bekky Lonsdale

First jacket Monki, linked below, second jacket Mango (sold out linked similar) and third jacket vintage but linked similar:


First photo taken by Fifi, Second photo taken by Sarah Ellen, Third photo taken by Bekky Lonsdale

All three jackets vintage but have linked similar below:


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