Hurrah, I’ve finally got my laptop back after nearly two weeks, I can’t believe how much I actually rely on it. Sad but true. Basically all my photos were on there, including all the ones I shot around Christmas, then on top of that my camera has now broke, it has just been one thing after another this year, not a great start! On top of that there’s a wrong tax bill to deal with, endless chasing of unpaid invoices, some as far back as October, moving costs and now today even more stress with trying to move out, they really don’t make it easy when you’re self employed it’s so unfair, especially when there’s no way of us getting a guarantor. I’ve really tried to be positive but honestly it is just one thing after another after another, I’m getting a little fed up now. Fingers crossed this bad luck ends soon.

But I always think to myself, it could be worse, it could always be worse and I’m lucky in so many other ways, and it will get better. But i just wanted to share everything that’s gone on because not only is it nice to have a little moan sometimes, I know with this whole ‘make everything look perfect on instagram’ culture, sometimes it’s ok not to be ok, that’s totally fine. And it’s only January, I always seem to have bad starts to the year and then it ends up being great so I’m looking at this as a good omen.

These were shot a couple of months back but juggling everything last year got pretty hectic,I posted a photo on instagram but then this post got pushed back, and of course I was due to post it right before my laptop gave up on me. But here they are now, these incredible Chloe sunglasses in all their glory, kindly sent to me from Sunglasses shop along with this peachy dream from Hazel and Folk. (currently on sale FYI!) Sometimes I find it better to look at shoot a little later as I’m much less critical than straight away. I’m my own worst enemy sometimes I know, too much of a perfectionist. And don’t get me started on how long it takes me t choose a photo for instagram.

Anyway I do absolutely love the retro seventies feel of these oversized sunglasses (if you don’t know by now that is my favourite decade). They just elevate any of my outfits to the next level. I never got onto that tiny sunglasses trend, definitely not for me, give me an oversized pair any day, preferably Chloe. And they have such great selection over on Sunglasses shop.

I also wear sunglasses all year round of course. It’s maybe a little too cold to wear this top now, not that that will stop me either, I don’t even wear tights in winter. I just hate the feel of them, and of course I always ladder them within five minutes too. Sigh. I’m genuinely for for once excited about getting into blogging this year, we all know instagram is getting more and more frustrating, so I’m definitely looking forward to developing the blog more, and posted what I want on instagram rather than what I think people will like. Basically getting creative again, which I think all agree instagram is killing. So here’s to things getting better (and more creative) this year!

Photography by: Fifi Newbery

Outfit Details:

Top: Hazel and Folk (gifted)

Jeans: Vintage Levi’s from Waiste Vintage

Bag: Gucci

Sunglasses: Chloe ‘Carolina’ sunglasses via the Sunglasses Shop (gifted)


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