This blog post is a little delayed as I’ve just got back from Cyprus and had about a million things to catch up on, I tried to really switch off and relax on holiday, but I went from a relaxing 28C heat only to come back to freezing cold and rain, which was definitely unexpected (good old British summertime hey) and made me feel quite unmotivated to be honest. I’ve (nearly) got myself back into the swing of things though and the sun has made an appearance today (hiiiii sun) so I’m feeling a little more positive! And speaking of positive, the actual point of this blog post is all about Farfetch and their new Conscious Edit

“Farfetch exists for the love of fashion. We believe in empowering individuality. Our mission is to be the global technology platform for luxury fashion, connecting creators, curators and consumers.”

If you’ve not heard of it before, Farfetch is a luxury and designer boutique website which stocks many of my favourite brands to lust after, and they’ve just launched a new ‘Positively Conscious’ collection. This features some great brands such as Reformation (whose dress I’m wearing in this post) Mara Hoffman and Brother Vellies to name a few. They have four key aspects of Positively under their Sustainability tab on their website and I learnt about them when I headed to Graduate fashion week.

I was invited to the Graduate Fashion Week in East London with Farfetch to look at all the students amazing work and to listen to a talk by Thomas Berry, who is the Head of Sustainability at Farfetch. He explained in the talk all about how Farfetch was becoming a much more sustainable business with their four key factors:

Positively Cleaner, Postively Conscious, Positively Circular and Positively Changing

POSITIVELY CLEANER: New recycled packaging, reducing carbon footprint, and making distribution more efficient.

POSTIVELY CONSCIOUS: Farfetch are championing products, brands, boutiques and people that are positively conscious and enabling customers to make positive choices that consider the environment, society and welfare.

POSITIVELY CIRCULAR: Reducing waste, extending the life of clothes-introducing ‘made to order’ repairs, resale and recycling services, including a new vintage section.

POSITIVELY CHANGING: Engaging and empowering people to create within the fashion industry, and giving employees the platform to really make a difference.

From a customer/consumer point of view it was so great to hear all the positive changes and conscious ways a massive company like Farfetch is leading the way to making a difference and trying to engage and change the fashion industry in a big way.

Becoming aware of sustainability and how the industry and we as consumers are impacting the environment is such a big talking point right now and rightly so. Being a fashion blogger myself, I feel like it’s of course part of my job to try and get this message across too, as well as doing it myself and being more much conscious in my shopping habits, where I shop and how often. Whether it be saving up and investing in timeless classics rather than cheap fast fashion I’ll get bored of quickly. Or researching brands for the best affordable and sustainable ones out there, and finding new ones to share with you. And of course shopping vintage!


Don’t get me wrong I am no where near perfect and I’m still learning, but I’ve really noticed a difference in my shopping habits and it was so great to hear how Farfetch is really making a difference.




Reformation dress kindly gifted from Farfetch.


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