We’ve all been there. I’m there right now to be honest which is why I’m writing this post. The colder weather is creeping in, it’s dark by 4pm , more often than not throwing it down with rain (especially recently-when will it end?) and all you’ve just about forgotten how to get dressed properly as all you feel like throwing on is some jeans and a jumper because it’s easy and you’re cold.

So to give you a little inspiration for the colder weather, and to show you you can definitely still wear dresses even when it’s cold. I’ve brought together the ten winter dresses to get you out of that routine because as easy as it is to just throw on a jumper, I find it makes for lazy dressing and you can get stuck in a rut and get bored really easily in winter. Think heavy fabrics such as velvet, darker colours, long sleeves, knitted, longer lengths and darker patterns and prints. They also look great layered with a polo neck underneath to keep you warm.

Dress gifted from: Lily and Lionel, Boots: The Kooples, Bag: See by Chloe

These dresses are perfect with boots/tights/cardigans/cosy teddy coats etc etc and are in fact lazy dressing-maybe even lazier than jumpers and jeans as you’re only throwing one thing on instead of two! Win win really.


Spoiler Alert: Contains Aff Links

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