Organising my life/diary out with a little help from Papier

January can sometimes feel like the longest month of the year. The weather’s miserable, Christmas has long gone and you’re either impatiently waiting to get paid, or you have the dreaded tax bill looming. And I have two tax bills. My personal and my company so DOUBLE joy for me. I’m really trying hard not to sit around in my pjs feeling sorry for myself, so I’ve thought of some things below that (hopefully) will help pass the rest of this long month, and you won’t need to spend a penny to do them.

Organise your wardrobe.

This is of course the most obvious one, I don’t know about you but this new year when I got back from home, to my home, I just wanted to declutter and organise EVERYTHING. Apart from the fact I was sick of staring at my wardrobe feeling like I had nothing to wear, I decided to take action and go through it all to see what I needed and was amazed to find things I forgot I even had.

Plus note: depop/ebay anything you think someone might love more than you and you can make a bit of extra cash. Anything else recycle/charity shop.

Shop your own wardrobe

Following on from your wardrobe declutter, shopping your own wardrobe is a great trick in January when you’re trying not to shop IRL. Try and put together new outfits from things you already have. Have a look on pinterest for some outfit inspiration-it’s where I get a lot of mine. I’ve now thought of three other ways to wear my Realisation Par paisley skirt-it’s not just for summer.

Rearrange your house/flat

This is a great one to make you feel more motivated again-especially if you work predominately from home like I do. You don’t need to buy anything to do this (I did just buy the lamp above- after we sold our vintage 60s bar to pay for it, so technically I didn’t actually spend any money and got rid or something I didn’t need for something I needed! win win) Even the littlest things like rearranging ornaments, changing your coffee table display or switching up your cushions from your bedroom to your living room can make all the difference.

DIY projects

Do you ever just endlessly save DIY projects pins to pinterest in the hope you’d one day get round to them, or you’ve got piles of things you want to alter, photos to frame etc. I know I do. January is the time to finally do them. I finally hung up my boyfriends cowboy shirt collection that he wanted me to in the hall and I’ve framed prints that have been lying around since last year, January is such a great time to do things like this as there’s not really a whole lot else going on.

Book Club

I feel like I have the most free time in January, as apart from anything else I hate going outside in this weather, so it’s the perfect time to catch up on my reading or start those books just lying by my bedside table waiting to be read, instead of scrolling aimlessly through Netflix. It’s the perfect time to get cosy with a book (preferably in the bath) and again you don’t need money for this-that’s what libraries are for. You could even look to starting your own book club if being in the house  is getting too much for you, or you loved a book so much you want to hear what if everyone else thought the same.





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  1. January 21, 2020 / 10:21 pm

    Love your ideas, Sara.
    As I’m a teacher, and have summer holidays this time of year in Australia, I have more time to do these sort of things.
    I use January to catch up with friends and family, go on day trips, read heaps and do the sort of organising you wrote about. X

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