Trousers c/o: Hayley Scanlan

Now I don’t know about you but I’ve seen this mini trend popping up more and more recently everywhere I look and I absolutely love it. Party Trousers I like to call them – I would say pants but it doesn’t feel right being British to call them that, or even jazzy trousers if you like – in all different colours, prints, patterns and textures -just worn as everyday trousers. And they are so fun ! I’ve seen them all over instagram at the moment.

To be honest I’m just absolutely loving how colourful and fun fashion seems to be at the moment, even if we don’t have anywhere special to wear it (well we willl hopefully soon) it’s just really mood uplifting to see ! These gorgeous trousers above are made to order from Hayley Scanlan, and they’re a collaboration between her and Kelsey Mae Greigs who designed the amazing floral print, they’re the perfect trousers for Spring. The brands that keep popping up again and again on instagram I’ve seen are anything by Lisa Says Gah, Hosbjerg and THOSE sparkly Saks Potts ones (I want the light pink ones so bad !) I’ll take a pair of all of the below please!

Shop my favourite party trousers below:



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