Hello, it’s me. The blog is back and it’s officially a new season and it’s also official, i’m in love with these boots. What’s not to love? Pink, check! chunky, check! knee high (so I don’t have to wear tights for as long as possible), check! These boots were definitely made for walking (or stomping) and I can also say that after wearing them for two full days of constantly walking around Brighton- they’re dead comfy too, check! PLUS if pink isn’t your thing, they come in two other colours as well which I’ll link at the end of this post.

So, after lockdown haven’t weeks and months have been flying by?! I was constantly waiting for summer in the uk (never happened) but as soon as I put away my *barely worn* summer wardrobe away, we get a week of glorious sunshine. Go figure. It *may* have been ever so slightly too hot for this cardigan, but this outfit was one imagined in my head, and it actually worked out so well IRL, which to be honest, never happens!

I posted this outfit on my instagram yesterday and just had to share it on here too, as I felt so good in it! With lockdown I’ve really struggled with gaining a bit of weight, which meant that in a lot of my clothes, I just didn’t feel comfortable in anymore – which made me just not want to post to be honest. I lost my mojo and was constantly criticising every photo of myself, nothing looked right, and when I’m unhappy I have a tendency to hide myself away from the world. It also doesn’t help I’ve been so bloated for a long time too and I don’t know why. The cause of that is still unknown. I still need to go to a doctor but classic me I’ve been putting it off for a long time. But yesterday I put this on (with my spanx haha) and I thought you know what, I love this outfit , I feel great, I feel good !

I promptly took myself and my outfit out for a lovely walk with Stanny and of course had to document. There’s so much pressure all the time being an influencer, content creator, whatever you call it, to constantly be wearing the new, the latest, etc etc and I get so many emails everyday from brands constantly wanting me to promote their labels (and with so many brands out there) it does become overwhelming, it’s trying to keep up but also being true to yourself.

I bought this Cinta the Label cardigan from the brilliant UK based Maggie’s Room a few months ago – they are home to the coolest independent sustainable brands all in own place if you want to check them out. It is so versatile – it goes with everything (and now I’m lusting after it in lilac too…) It’s been around for a while now, but I love how the brand hasn’t just got rid of the design and moved onto something else. They have so many cute dresses now too so make sure you check Cinta out if you’ve not heard of them before.

The skirt is from Zara – I bought it in summer to wear with crop tops, but again it’s so versatile and you can deffo bring it into AW with chunky boots, knits or cardigans – make your wardrobe work for longer! the glasses are from ASOS – I love how the yellow ties in with the yellow on the skirt, and then of course the pink Prada bag matches the boots. All in all an outfit I feel great in and am so happy with how it all came together !



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