Following on with my second instalment of the ten best, an absolute wardrobe staple of mine (especially now we are headed into Spring) is definitely a peasant blouse. For me, it has to be specifically cream, with billowy sleeves (usually long but I’ve included some short sleeve options) and worn with a pair of vintage of Levis for my go to off-duty everyday look. My version of jeans and a nice top if you like.

Ok so technically this Leon and Harper one below isn’t exactly a typical peasant blouse but it’s pretty close, and I’m so in love with the vintage feel of it.

Peasant blouse above gifted from Leon and Harper

I’ve got tons, from vintage embroidered classics to my Chloe-esqe H&M one below I never fail to get compliments on. I bought it last year but they’ve got similar at the moment, and Free People are the ultimate in bohemian peasant blouses, I’ve got one of theirs that I’ve had for years and never get tired of it. 



Well, gone are the days when I used to give my face a quick wipe with a make up wipe before bed (the horror, please don’t use them EVER they just smear your makeup around your face) and long gone are the days I used to fall asleep in my make up, (wayyyy more often than I’d like to admit) these days I’m very partial to a facial cleanser, so I thought I’d review my top five for you.

In no particular order, I’ve been using (most) of these cleansers since last year a few are a little more new but they are all a mix of different types-something that can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to deciding on which cleanser to try. I’ve got an oil, a cream, and a foam amongst them.


Don’t get me wrong it’s not just products of course, I did have facial recently  and I look after myself and (try) to have a good diet that includes drinking tonnes of water, but I’ve really noticed a difference with looking after my skin properly, which now my skincare routine includes cleansing, toning, serums and rose oil before bed. I’ll do a next beauty post on the serums I use but without further ado let’s get started with the cleansers.


First: Trilogy Cream Cleanser 

Shop Trilogy Cream Cleanser HERE


Second: Lowengrip Cell Renewal Facial Cleanser


Shop Löwengrip Cell Renewel Facial Cleanser HERE


Third: Freshly Cosmetics Rose Quartz Cleanser

Shop Freshly Rose Quartz cleanser HERE


Forth: Löwengrip Instant Glow Cleansing Foam

Shop Löwengrip instant glow cleansing foam HERE


So basically they’re all great in different ways, and I love to alternate them depending on how my skin is looking and feeling. They all use all natural ingredients so they don’t irritate or harm your skin, and I’ve found all these particular ones work well to balance the oil in my skin. 

They are all natural and organic, and are all cruelty free.


Have you tried any of these? Let me know!

*Full disclaimer: Some of these brands have been gifted, but all thoughts and opinions are my own*


So, I’ve decided to start a weekly (or bi-weekly) post in which I share my top ten of different trends I’m loving at the moment. I feel I needed to resurrecte this blog a little as I’ve again being neglecting it, I’m sorry! So I’m starting to get a structure of posts at least, instead of just every now and then.

Basket bag: Dream Baskets from Etsy

On my last count I appear to have at least 10 wicker bags, so it’s safe to say I’m a fan. I’ve got a mix from independent brands, high street, vintage to Spanish market finds, and yes EVERY ONE IS DIFFERENT AND I LOVE THEM ALL. You can NEVER have too many wicker bags in my opinion. And they go with every single outfit, I promise you. I might go as far as to say that they are quite possibly the easiest bag to style. My favourite wicker/straw bag has to be the Birkin basket though, it’s a classic.

So, without further ado, here are my top ten wicker bags picks (or basket or straw or I don’t know woven) not wooden though they are a separate category altogether…. but whatever you like to call them, I’m fondly referring to them as wicker.


Last night I was kindly invited to a VERY exclusive Samsung launch for the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ phone, I was representing Very at the event. So the event was held at the Tobacco Docks in London (which I’ve never been to before) and I got to see the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy phone and learn about all its features, as well as being the first to try the brand new handset for myself. They also launched the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Buds on the same evening, both which sync perfectly with the Galaxy S10 phone. So to let you know in all these photos I’m using the S10+ in prism white, which by the way is the prettiest pearly white, I’m in love, it’s almost like a holographic feel. Very snazzy.

So….to get right into it, let’s start by talking about my favourite things that the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone has to offer. One of the key features I absolutely love on the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the ability to shoot and upload straight to Instagram no messing, they have partnered exclusively with Instagram on this, so there’s no need to keep switching between apps etc. Which makes life much easier !

The camera is also amazing, the phone has an 6.3 inch Infinity-O display and triple lens camera at the back, which has ultra-wide and ultra-zoom.  And there’s also a dual-lens camera (with wide angle) on the front for all your selfie needs. They also included a super cool blurred, swirl, spiral and black and white back ground effects on the front camera.

And if that’s not enough, the phone also charges OTHER PHONES with its PowerShare feature. I know. This is the really cool part. So if your friend is out of battery they can use your phone to charge theirs. And with the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Buds, both of which you can charge using your phone too.

Oh and did I mention it’s dust and water proof too?

It is launching on March 8th and is now available to pre-order through here.

They have the exclusive white and black S10+ with a whole 1TB of storage, now that’s a lot !

If you want to find out more head over to the link here to Very for all the information you need

Thanks so much for having me Samsung and Very! I can’t wait to properly try the phone out, will report back !

*This is a sponsored post by Very but all views are my own*


Last summer I practically lived in Nobody’s Child’s floaty floral dresses and skirts and I’m super excited to get them out again. Their vintage inspired prints always work perfectly with all my vintage pieces in my wardrobe and I always get excited by their new collections. Nobody’s Child has been one of my favourite fashion brands of mine for quite a while now, but did you realise that they were sustainable too?

So on their website their tagline reads: ‘sustainable fashion with a conscience’. The small but amazing brand are able to combine the latest trends whilst sourcing materials that are made in a way that benefits people and minimises the impact on the environment. Now that’s pretty great to hear.

“We know that fashion can be a big polluter, but we also believe that fashion can make lives better – we just need to be smart about it. ” – Nobody’s Child 

It’s so amazing to see a small brand care so much about the environmental damage of ‘fast fashion’, a fact that is still largely unknown by so many people. Of course it was recently brought to light a lot more by the Stacey Dooley documentary ‘Fashions dirty secrets’ (if you’ve not watched it head over to BBC Three now, it’s an eye opener. So what it is actually great to see that a brand is showcasing the fact that you can still enjoy fashion and trends, whilst contributing sustainable solutions too.

And they are endeavouring to showcase even more information about their methods: how how their products sourced, who makes it, the conditions they work in, how they pay them and the environmental impact of our production methods in the upcoming weeks and months on their website.

As a vintage shop owner and a firm advocate of treasuring and loving your clothes, not just buying them for the sake of it, this really rings true for me in what their doing and in my opinion should be something that is shouted from the rooftops. Or you know talked about more. In my shop we regularly up cycle and create clothes from previous vintage items as well as selling pre loved items, so for a brand such as Nobody’s Child that not only wants you to be on trend but also has a conscience when it comes to sustainability and recycling is something I really feel ALL brands should aspire to. Oh and did I mention they donate their textile scraps to local fashion colleges too? Nothing goes to waste. 

“Our goal is to be open and honest about how each and every article of clothing contributes to one or more sustainable measures. We have always held this core value at the heart of what we do, but we are getting smarter about how we keep our customers up to speed with how we help each other. We are continuously trying to set the bar higher to raise standards in all areas.” -Nobody’s Child

Most recently they have launched their new season range of flowy midi dresses, very aptly titled ‘Bohemian Daze’  (my kind of style) and what makes them more special is not only have the combined trends and styles of the moment (think floaty wrap dresses and frill bardot midi dresses) but they have created the dresses using up-cycled fabrics from past seasons or over orders (this is also known as deadstock) which saved the fabric from landfill and created new designs that will be re loved in your wardrobe. How amazing is that?

I really had so much fun shooting these new dress styles, both the black floral midi dress and the checked midi dress are made using deadstock fabrics by the way. Even though we shot this when it was absolutely FREEZING outside I wanted to showcase the dresses in a more creative way than usual, and working with Bekky to create the images we felt like this was one of our best shoots together yet. 

Join the Nobody’s Child movement and hash tag #wearenobodys in their clothing to be featured on their social media! 

They’ve very kindly provided me with a 20% discount code which is ‘DRESSISMORE’

so now you have no excuse not to really. He he.

Cheers to you Nobody’s Child!

*This is a paid partnership between myself and Nobody’s Child but all views are my own*

All photography: Bekky Lonsdale

All dresses gifted from Nobody’s Child.  

Shop the full Bohemian Daze collection here.





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