I thought the title of this post was quite fitting as, 1. I’m wearing lemon and 2. I’m heading to Italy today, home of the title drink. I’ve been loving  a little bit of yellow recently, of the faded pastel variety rather than the mustardy colour I usually favour. Getting outside of my comfort zone with (even more) sunshine-y shades.

This shade really does remind me of Italy and the faded colours of the pretty buildings there, glinting in the dappled sunlight. And of course the fresh lemon trees with their sweet citrus fresh smell. It’s funny how much just a colour can evoke such feelings.

I’ve not done a full ‘lemon look’ yet, (haha how weird does that sound?) unlike my beloved mustard, I’m holding out for the perfect dress. I feel like lemon is quite a tricky colour to pull off for me personally, unless I have a golden glow, so I’m sticking to this colour for the summer. Plus I have a new found love of leopard print, I’m leaning more towards 70s style rather than 90s, I love the leopard pattern of this pretty Rixo number. I love the warmth of this particular leopard print with the top.

I am definitely combining a few new things I’m into recently all at once, this colour, shell jewellery and leopard print, oh and yeah let’s throw in some cream cowboy boots for good measure, it makes for an interesting combination but I feel like it works?

Top: And Other Stories

Skirt: Rixo

Cowboy Boots: Topshop (old)

Photography: Beth Elstone

Shop some sherbet lemon treats:


I have a confession, I can’t drive, and the older I get, the more frustrating I’m finding this. Why didn’t I just learn? And the more I notice it, It’s like one of life’s key skills I’ve missed out on. We found this incredible gold car when hunting for shoot locations and the man actually let us shoot in it, for free. It has a BROWN VELVET INTERIOR. 70s heaven. Making me want to drive even more. Massive thank you to the man! 

We shot this on a sweltery hot summer day a few weeks back (well let’s face it, what day isn’t sweltery these days) and I think they turned out so well. I love shooting, and finding locations and dressing up and creating shots like this,  I thrive on it, although don’t get me wrong, I love a good street shot too. I think this is something that sets me apart from the norm, but it’s really got to me these last few weeks when my engagement has been particularly bad on instagram. It’s REALLY REALLY hard not to take this to heart, even if it is ‘just the algorithm’, it’s just so difficult not to feel completely disheartening with what you’re doing, and question if it’s a personal thing, does no one like me anymore? I’m second guessing every picture I post because I just can’t seem to *quite get right anymore*, from something I used to be so confident with, it’s really knocked my confidence. It feels like it’s gone from a place of creativity and freedom to something that is very controlled, toxic and not creative at all, and I’ve really fallen out of love with it. 


Maybe it’s because I’m not fitting into the ‘instagram aesthetic’, maybe it’s because I’ve switched to a business profile, I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong.  I’ve spoken to so many people abut this and the feeling is pretty much mutual. I know people (including myself) have been in tears when something they work so hard to create and share doesn’t get seen by anyone. I’m really struggling with it, the thing I used to love being creative on I now get anxiety when I need/want to post.  I’ve noticed my posts reach have been cut in half, I don’t know the reason for this and it’s so frustrating when I’ve not done anything differently, I’ve been so proud of the shoots I’ve done recently yet I’m not seeing any increased engagement and my followers are dropping more than gaining. Yes I know you might say it’s only instagram, but it’s something I do rely on as part of my job, which makes you realise how fragile it is, and how luckily that it isn’t my only source of income. Basically I just miss posting a photo and people seeing it. Is that too much to ask?

It’s funny, because in my other ‘job’ things are going amazing, our vintage shop is thriving and we are selling more than we ever have before. I think we’re even on to a record week, and I’m heading abroad buying next week. So maybe you can’t have the best of both worlds? Maybe it’s the universe way of saying, in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter that much? Who knows.


Dress: c/o Joanie Clothing

Sandals: ASOS (old)

Photography: Bethany Elstone

Bag: Bohemia


Ok, so it’s not really my usual style of dress, and it’s *technically* not really a slip dress, it’s more of a cami style, or according to ASOS anyway, (a cami is more fitted around the boobs) but whatever,  this has become one of my most-worn summer dresses, especially in this heat. I usually shy away from anything strappy as I feel it makes me look out of proportion (I’m smaller on the top that the bottom and I’m so self conscious about it) but luckily I don’t have that problem in this dress as it flares out all lovely like. And kind of makes me look like I have more boobs than I actually have, which is always a good thing. Oh and did I mention the pretty coppery colour? One of my favourites. Plus it looks great with a tan. I am just singing this dress it’s praises!

I actually first got this dress back in January, and was desperate to wear it without tights, so much so I actually did and nearly froze to death. Petition to let winter never come back please. Back then I layered it with polo necks and styled it up with cowboy boots, and I’m so glad it’s now hot enough to throw on with a pair of sandals and sunglasses. It’s one of my go to dresses when the weather is this warm. Dress it down with flat sandals or up with a pair of heels.


SaveSaveDress: ASOS (linked below) YES I’ve finally figured out how to do this

Sandals: ASOS (old)

Bag c/o: House of Wicker

Sunglasses: Velvet Canyon

Photography: Bethany Elstone











I thought I’d do something different on here and tell you a little bit more about me, because I’ve just realised I’ve not done anything like this before, and I am usually a quite a private person so it might help me open up a little bit more and share things of a more personal nature. Putting myself out there! And of course if there’s anything else you’d like to know about me after reading this, just ask.

I have 17 tattoos, out of which only two mean anything, the rest mean jack shit and I’ve gotten them on a whim, because I believe it’s more about the experience and who you go with than the actual thing.  I don’t regret any of them. (I just had to count them because I didn’t know how many I had) and bonus fact my nana to this day, STILL doesn’t know I have any.

I have the world’s worst sweet tooth and I eat chocolate or something sugary everyday. But I don’t have any fillings. How I don’t know. My favourite desert has, and always will be, lemon meringue.

I’m NOT a morning person. I much prefer staying up late into the night, it’s when all my most creative ideas happen.

I hate butterflies, moths, anything that flutters gives me a heart attack,GET AWAY FROM ME

I went to university for a year, I blew my student loan in a week, I never went in, and then I quit. Not good. However, now I own my own business and a shop, honestly you really don’t need university to be creative. I do believe that studying your passion can kill it. Unless you know, it’s for something like medicine that you actually NEED  a degree for.

I take style inspiration from everywhere, instagram, bloggers, pinterest, eras, colours, you name it. There isn’t really one person I get style inspiration from. 

Bad habits include : being moody for no reason, chewing my lips/inside of my mouth and being stupidly indecisive most of the time. Oh and I over think everything.

I do deal with anxiety, on a daily basis, and I have dyspraxia too. I get social anxiety too and I do have the tendency to completely shut down when things are difficult.

I love the summer, sunshine, being in the sun, I didn’t go abroad and feel a ‘proper’ summer holiday in the sun until I was 16 so I’m a little obsessed with always wanting to go on holiday

Things I like about my appearance: my hair, eyes and lips

Things I don’t like about my appearance: oily skin, boobs, thighs, nose, eyebrows

My favourite scent/smell is rose, I can’t enough of it

I’m late for everything, I’m messy and unorganised and I can barely cook, but I am creative and I will always pay to go out for tea if it’s my turn! (And yes it’s breakfast, dinner, tea.)

Dresses are my favourite thing to wear (if you hadn’t noticed) they’re the easiest thing to put on and dress up (or down), if i could live in one thing for the rest of my life it would be a maxi dress, boots and a suede jacket



Photography: Kate Sky

Dress c/o: Free People

Shoes c/o: Free People




Yes yes, I know, I know, how British is it to talk about the weather, but HOW AMAZING IS THIS WEATHER?! I can’t remember a summer this hot in what seems like forever, and it’s very handy to live by the sea let me tell you, I’m feeling very lucky that I do. I’ve been to the beach more times in two weeks than I have in two years of living here. The sunshine makes me so happy (and drink a lot more) because who can resist going for a cheeky drink or two in the sun, plus world cup of course.

This beautiful weather however, has also made me very lazy, does anyone else find that? I’m literally just throwing on dresses and wearing the same thing two, (sometimes three don’t judge) days in a row, and the last thing I’ve wanted to do recently is sit down and write a blog post. i think most people’s mentality in the UK is as soon it’s sunny to literally spend every moment they can in the sun, or at least I’ m like that anyway, I’ve been putting various things off this week to sit on the beach instead. Got to make the most of it! I’m also feeling a little meh, like, what can I talk about on here, inspiration has not hit me this week to be honest, I’ll partly blame the heat for that. but yeah, I’ve just felt a complete and total lack of motivation. It’s hard, especially when I alternate between running a shop and this, to constantly come up with new and exciting ideas, most of the time when I get home from work I’m so exhausted I just want to lay on the floor.

My indecisive nature is at an all time high, and I’ll be honest, I’ve not really done anything of note these past few weeks, apart from enjoy the weather. But one thing that’s not failed me so far is dresses. While I’ve mostly been living in effortless breezy maxi’s, I do love a shorter length, not too short as I’m not a massive fan of my knees through. This Joanie dress is one of my favourite colours, and I love the tortoiseshell buttons. It doesn’t need too much accessorising as the colour speaks for itself, plus it’s on sale now too. I bought these ASOS suede clogs years ago, I also have them in black too and they’ve never let me down, I always get so many compliments on them.

Dress: c/o Joanie

Clogs: ASOS

Photography: Beth Alstone



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