Snake print is definitely my new favourite. Even if I’m not going to afford anything python printed from Chloe anytime soon, Zara definitely has some great alternatives, and has been causing a serious dent in my wallet recently. They’ve just built a ridiculously good one in Brighton and I’ve actually had to stop myself from going in because I keep walking out with something, like these snake trousers the other day. They also come with a matching shirt-do I??? I’m not really a short sleeved shirt kind of girl but this snake co-ord is becoming too much to resist.
Accidentally matching my new leather Radley hobo bag to my Zara (of course) sandals, in this lovely taupe colour, I always find this colour looks expensive (even if it isn’t) and is another great goes-with-everything kind of colour. This bag is such a lovely size too. I’ve noticed my style is kind of stepping away from patterns and textures recently, and I’m learning a more simple way of styling, I’ll always be a boho girl at heart, especially in the summer, but I’m enjoying a more elegant, dare I say, refined and grown up way of dressing, more classic maybe? I’m not even sure what I’m calling it to be honest, but I’m liking it. I’m definitely feeling like this outfit has Chloe vibes too, even if it’s all high street!
Trousers: Zara (sold out now)
Suede Slides: Zara
Blouse: H&M
Bag c/o: Radley
Hat c/o: Brixton


If you are a long time reader of this blog you will know my hair hasn’t always been this long and healthy, years ago I was obsessed with the bleach (why) and as a result of some pretty disastrous attempts to bleach my hair (DO NOT bleach your hair at home unless you are a professional or know exactly what you’re doing, trust me it’s not worth the tears) I decided to stop colouring my hair altogether. 
Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted long wavy hair (albeit blonde, now I’m loving my natural colour) and i feel like I’ve literally finally got there. it’s never been as healthy as it is now I’ve stopped dying it and tbh pretty much left it to its own devices. I did try hair supplements years ago and they kind of worked, my hair looked healthy and shiny but I also think that’s down to the right diet too. My hair colour is my natural colour now, I’ve not dyed it for years.

Ok so my hair type is fine, gets greasy quite easily, but there’s a lot of it, not that much volume and it knots quite easily (especially at the back does anyone else get that?) so here’s some of the things that have helped me achieve my hair length with my hair type 
  • I try not to wash my hair everyday. At first this was so hard, because it does go greasy, but god bless dry shampoo. I do actually wash my fringe everyday because I have oily skin and my fringe is just a greasy mess! But I wash my hair every other day, and I’ve noticed this has really helped my hair.

  • I’ve stopped dyeing my hair, or if I wanted to do it, to go to a professional, they know exactly what they are doing. I’ve had more hair nightmares over the years and I’m so glad I’ve learnt my lesson(s!)

  • I deep condition my hair every week. And I use hair oil every day on the ends of my hair when it’s damp. I use this or this  conditioner and this hair oil

  • I hardly ever use heat on my hair. I never (well almost never) blow dry my hair, only my fringe, I always leave it to dry naturally. And I only curl my hair for special occasions, or if I’m shooting, and only after using a heat protecting spray. I love this one.

  • I only brush my hair when it’s dry. Oh my god I remember once after I bleached my hair I was brushing it when it was wet and I was literally brushing it out, it was so damaged it was just falling out. Lesson learned there. I’ve found this spray, (even though I don’t blow dry) sprayed when damp and then a tangle teezer when dry works best for me

  • I put my hair in a plait when I sleep. This is because it’s so long and knots if I leave i literally get dreadlocks when I wake up. I’m not even joking.

  • I try not to to touch or play with my hair too much, one because it just goes greasy and two it damages my hair.

  • I get regular trims. I cut my fringe myself and I go to the hair dressers and ask for ‘the tiniest bit off’ or I’ve trimmed it myself.

  • If I tie it up I use clips or kirby grips. I never have it in a high ponytail or anything that can damage my hair like that. 

  • I only really curl my hair for shoots or special occasions, I use this hair curler as it creates nice loose waves. If I just want a slightly messier look without using heat I either wrap my hair into a bun and clip it first or braid it overnight, a French plait works best for my hair. I always use this heat protecter and hold it with hair spray. This one is great. Most of the time my hair is so long and straight it just goes straight back to normal after a few hours though! 

I hope these tips help! Honestly a lot is common sense really, a good diet also helps (you are what you eat) and a lot of patience helps too. It won’t grow overnight but over time all these things have helped me have good healthy strong long hair. Good luck with the hair growth! And if you’ve got any tips, let me know!

What I’m currently using from Sebastian 


Ok, so if you follow me over on instagram, you’ll know my undying love for straw bags, however there’s now a new love of my life, my Polene bucket bag, aka the bag that goes with everything. I opted for the classic tan colour, (it also comes in four different colours) as I knew this was the colour that would compliment my wardrobe the most. I’ve been slowly introducing more classic timeless pieces into my wardrobe, and a bucket bag is definitely one of these.
It goes perfectly with this beautiful Zimmerman-esque floral vintage maxi dress I found on Etsy, although it looks just as good with my Zara sweatpants too. See! Goes with everything. It’s hand made and the perfect size for holding all my things that I seem to cart around everywhere with me-does anyone else feel the need to do this, just in case?
Bag c/o: Polene Paris
Vintage Dress: Sapphire and Sixpence
Snakeskin Espadrilles: The Laines Brighton
Hat c/o: Brixton



This is fast becoming my uniform as of late: ‘oh you know, just jeans and a nice top’.
 It’s just so simple, yet effective. Being a vintage shop owner and selling vintage denim definitely has it’s perks when it comes to finding the perfect fit vintage jeans, I tell you.

I’m usually working in my shop, running to the post office, walking Stan or shooting so this has become my new favourite combination, for both style and comfort. Add a jacket/alternate between long or short sleeves where necessary, haha.

I’ve been extremely lucky over the past few months, I’ve got a dream fitting pair of light wash 501s (finally) some incredible Wrangler off-white jeans, some cool white Levis, the softest wide leg flares and these ones I’m wearing here, some looser fitting, slightly flared Levis, which I cut, these are 525s. This coming from the girl who used to hate jeans! I guess I just never found the right pair (or pairs, haha). 

I’ve now got it lucky being able to go through hundreds of pairs to find ones that suit me (yes I still have to trawl through loads, so many I would love to suit me, sadly just don’t, as hard as I try) but I’m learning lots about finding pairs to suit my shape and slowly introducing styles I wouldn’t normally go for into my wardrobe.

Floral Top: c/o Nobody’s Child
Jeans: Vintage Levi’s Waiste Vintage
Boots: Matisse
Basket Bag: Dream Baskets

Photography: Kaye Ford

I usually like to keep it quite girly when styling jeans and I usually opt for either a cream ruffle or embroidered blouse, a wrap/tie blouse or a cute floral top like this pretty yellow one from Nobodys Child. This brand is a current favourite of mine, I’ve got the skirt to match in this pattern too.  Barkin basket and fringe jacket optional.



Boots: c/o Matisse
Playsuit: Topshop
Hat: Brixton

Photography: Jessica McCleave

Man, I’ve been eyeing up these boots for ages, and I’m so glad they are finally on my feet! They go with just about anything, I love them with this Topshop playsuit, but they look just as good with jeans too. I love cream/ecru coloured boots, not very practical I know, but they look great.

I actually don’t know whose car this is on my street so I just wanted to do a little shoutout and a thank you for me always using it as a prop, I can’t even drive, so it’s a little ironic. One day! It’s one of those things I always put towards the back of my to do list and never get done.

I’ve been busy busy buying for my vintage shop but I’ve finally had time to sit down and blog, I really need to get an organised routine with blogging!

I’ve been having a strange clothing crisis of late, I don’t know if it’s because I’m being influenced by influencers on instagram, (wow tongue twister) or I just feel like I’m getting stuck in a rut and constantly buying the same things, but right now I literally want to throw all my clothes in the bin and start again. (Obvs wouldn’t literally throw them all in the bin I would sell/give to charity, RECYCLE people) But yeah, there’s somany well put together outfits I’ve been inspired by recently, and I’m really starting to want to curate a wardrobe of amazing key pieces that are worth the money, not just impulse buying, which lets face it is fun (better when drunk) but in reality those pieces won’t last. I’m also starting more research into sustainable brands, especially ones in the UK more in my next blog post about that!) so I can give you a list of my faves. Lots more exciting posts coming up so stay tuned.

PS: This playsuit also comes in green too, HELLO.



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