Aren’t these flares just magical? Created by a collaboration between one of my favourite illustration artists Harley and J, and Flare Street, the whole limited edition collection was heavily influenced by the pop artist icon Peter Max and the cosmic 60s artwork. And they also very convientantly matched the decor in Bobby Fitzpatrick perfectly. I couldn’t have picked a better location to showcase these dreamy flares. Not only are they super comfortable but they are ethically made too, all the way from Australia using quality fabric that is sustainably printed there.

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but of course life got in the way again, I’ve found it so difficult to just find the time to sit down and write a post recently as there’s been so much going on, plus winter. But today is the day we finally complete on my vintage shop in Brighton, which means it’s officially ours! I can’t wait to finally start decorating and making it our own. A dream come true finally realised this year, it’s taken some serious time (and stress) to get there but it’s finally come true!

Cosmic velvet collection flares: Flare Street*
Boots: Matisse

Photography: Kaye Ford



Let’s talk about denim. Who could live without it? One of the loves of my life, and I pretty much live in it in this cold weather. Free People are a serious denim favourite of mine, one of my favourite pairs of flares are a denim pair I bought over five years ago and they’re still going strong, I just absolutely love the fit and the shape of them, they fit like a dream.
Free People have an amazing denim edit going on at the moment, and they asked me to style up these super cute red jeans. I mean what’s not to love about a bit of coloured denim. I can’t wait to wear them with cute vintage tees and crochet tops in summer, but for now I chose the cutest crescent moon top, and threw in a basket bag for good measure, because I’m holding on to the hope that Spring is literally just round the corner.
These jeans and lots more are currently available online and in their Kings Road store in London, where you can go and actually try them on, a real plus point as I for one definitely know the trials and tribulations when ordering jeans online! Free People are always true to size and I’ve never had a problem though. 

Midnight Moon Top: Free People*
Wicker Bag: Free People*
High Tide A-Line Jean: Free People*
Boots: Topshop


Yes I specifically bought cake for this shoot and it was delicious. But more about the coat. I think this has to be my favourite vintage seventies coat I’ve ever bought. I love everything about it, from the perfect tan colour to the white stitching and pocket detail, the pretty pink satin lining and enormous sheepskin collar, this is me in a coat. I actually can’t even remember where I got this from, I definitely know it was online, I think either eBay or Etsy…

I do prefer vintage coats over anything high street/designer. Don’t get me wrong I’ve definitely bought into the faux fur trend and the cute bombers this season, and who doesn’t love a biker jacket, but for me, vintage is always my first love.

 I’ve had so many vintage ones over the years all in some variation of suede and sheepskin, some I regret selling and some I wondered why I even liked in the first place. But this one has really stood the test of time in my wardrobe. Which is quite hard let me tell you from someone who is so indecisive and changes their mind about their clothes every five minutes (definitely quite handy having a vintage shop where I can sell on anything I change my mind on). It’s been through a lot these past years, it’s moved flat at least four times and seen so many ups and downs, been photographed with those that have come and gone, been borrowed, had drinks spilt on, travelled to different countries, and kept me super cozy and warm throughout so many winters, plus it actually does go with just about anything. Literally it is the perfect coat for me.

 I’ve never seen another one like it, and although just now I did spend 20 minutes glueing sheepskin fluff back on, and it’s coming apart a little at the seams on the inside, I’ll never find another one to beat it. I love you. 

Has anyone else found their perfect coat? I would love to see!

Dress: Vintage
Coat: Vintage
Boots: Topshop

Photography: Kaye Ford


Boots: Topshop
I have a love/hate relationship with blogging for personal reasons. Although I started this blog years ago, I went through phases of never using it, to posting several times a week, but the thing I always struggle with is writing posts. I’m not a natural writer, I never have the urge to sit down and write how I’m feeling, this part just doesn’t come naturally to me and is something I constantly struggle with when posting. But at the same time I’m a perfectionist, nothing is ever good enough, hence why this is extra hard for me. I want this to be a thoughtful, insightful blog, not just about outfits. I want to create and grow it this year. But there’s that voice in the back of my head telling me I never have anything interesting/exciting to say, most of the time I feel like I sound like I’m moaning. I’ve always had a problem with communicating how I’m feeling, I have a tendency to shut down and push people away. This was the case last year especially, when my mum filed for divorce from my dad, for horrible reasons which I won’t get into, but I just didn’t want to talk or speak to anyone, let alone write a post about some outfit I was wearing.
And don’t even get me started on the anxiety of posting photos of myself, picking apart all my flaws until I literally felt like I couldn’t post them at all, after working so hard setting up shoots and working with brands. It’s such a struggle nowadays, there is a constant pressure to ‘fit in’ and create this image of yourself where everything is just rosy and you’re having the time of your life, when in reality of course this isn’t the case at all. Which I’m learning whenI get overwhelmed and start comparing myself to others, to take a step back, switch off from the internet and concentrate on the positives in real life. 
I used to beat myself up about writing posts, the anxiety I got was so extreme I used to put off posts that I’d shot for weeks or months at a time, ashamed I couldn’t write down what I was feeling or have anything interesting to say, I couldn’t articulate in words, or be witty enough, and I would cringe and not be able to even read what I’d written and be embarrassed about sharing anything at all, preferring instagram where I could post a pic and a few emojis, never getting involved in writing proper captions or shying away from talking and commenting on others feed for fear they would think I sounded silly.
Even now I’ve been sat reading blogs and thinking to myself, this whole rambling isn’t how I wanted to get this across, maybe I should just delete this and not bother. But no, I will be brave and press that publish button, this year I will push myself to get out of my comfort zone and really engage and try and communicate how I am feeling. 
I am learning to be kinder on myself, I am my own worst enemy, and of course it has to start with self love. I’m teaching myself to be kind and not beat myself up all the time, which is a slow process, and although I know now writing will never come naturally to me, but that’s ok, it shouldn’t bring me down, after all this is my own blog and it’s ok not to be perfect. Try not to be afraid of what others will think, you can never please everyone, it’s more important for me get out there and try, and not let my fears hold me back from something I love to do.  This cute slogan t-shirt really got me thinking didn’t it!



Jumper: Free People
Flares: Free People
Kayla Cap: Brixton*
Cavalier Boots: Matisse
Photography: Kaye Ford

I mean, hello dream kitchen! If you’ve not visited Bobby Fitzpatrick in west London then I suggest you should immediately, if not sooner, as it is literally a 70s dream come true. Everything about it is amazing, the attention to detail is incredible, and I can’t wait to shared more from this shoot with you.
I went for the first time to shoot with Kaye and basically just wanted to move in. It’s such a shame that there is no where like this in Brighton. It’s given me a few ideas let me tell you! And what a complimentary outfit to wear in the ‘kitchen’ area, mustard is my absolutely favourite colour, and it’s perfect for banishing those January blues.
I’ve been recently desperate to do something different with my hair. I don’t know if it’s the January blues/boredom kicking in, but unless I cut it all off (NEVER not after growing it this long) I am itching for a change, and from someone who has super straight hair and hates wearing her hair up, curling my hair has been a great alternative recently, I LOVE the way it looks. I was always desperate to have curly hair as a kid, I would sleep religiously in rags or those foam curlers, or good old fashioned braids, but after a few hours of waking up my hair would just be completely straight again, much to my despair. 
So when I found curling wands it was a dream come true. Although now  I am desperate to upgrade and get a better curling wand, I’ve been so overwhelmed by the amount of choice out there, seriously who knew how many they were! So if anyone has any suggestions for a great wand, please let me know.


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