Leopard Blouse: JDY via ASOS
Boots: Old Jeffrey Campbell, similar: here
Beret: ASOS

Photography: Kaye Ford
It’s the middle of January and Blue Monday, what a killer combination. I’m currently sat on the train on my way to a blog shoot that almost got rained off (thanks very much gale force winds and torrential rain, good old British weather), and I’m trying very hard to be positive but I find it so hard in January. I keep having to remind myself that this wintery cold period won’t last forever, and better days are yet to come. Last night we just booked a little getaway to Italy at the beginning of Feb, back to Rome (I LOVE Rome, it’s beautiful) and I’m now counting down the days.
I’m not usually a leopard print kind of girl, I’ve had these boots forever and worn them like twice, three times? I love the shape of them though. My perfect boot shape. I need these boots in every colour basically. I do find it harder to style patterned boots, as I love patterned clothing and prefer to stick to more neutral boot colours, but who couldn’t resist a bit of double leopard print? This blouse looks great with denim or white jeans as it does suede, and I love the cut out neck detail and flared sleeves, making it look that little bit more expensive than it was (£18!). 



Paisley Tunic and Flares: Waiste Vintage
Bag: Cactus Leather Camden*
‘Albany’ Cap: Brixton*

Photography: Fordtography

Ah, new year, new me and all that. Not quite, well kind of. Surely you should be trying to better yourself as a person 365 days of the year? Anyway, I’m not one to make resolutions, one because I never manage to ever keep them and two, I write them down and end up losing them anyway.

But one thing I do want to do this year though is really push myself with blogging and writing. With opening my vintage shop last year, I’ve found it so hard to find the balance between the two, and my blog to a back seat. Honestly it is so much HARD WORK to open your own shop, more than I envisioned to be honest, I knew it wouldn’t be easy but it’s been incredibly stressful and successful in equal measures. Especially when you can’t afford to employ anyone to start with and you’re working 16 days in a row, and it’s even harder when you struggle and do need someone but it’s your baby and you find it hard to let someone else take control.

 I have definitely come to realise I am not a people person(!) and it’s not as creative as I thought it would be to have a shop, I much prefer shooting and styling (and blogging) so this year I am going to take a step back from being on the shop floor and focus my energy on blogging and my vintage website instead. I want to give this blog a complete over haul, with the design and posts, and create some really great content, sometimes I really struggle with coming up for ideas for blog posts and content, so if you want to see anything on here, please let me know in the comments below!



Afghan Jacket: A gift
Cord Flares: Free People
Jumper: Villa similar here
Hat: Brixton*

Photography: Kaye Ford

An all cream ensemble that co-ordinates with the Brighton Pavilion perfectly and reminds me of snow, which is what we had up north today, meaning I’ve spent most of the day in my pyjamas binge watching Netflix, instead of sitting down and scheduling the work I was planning to. How long does the excuse ‘I’t Christmas’ last for?

It’s that funny ‘in-between’ time of Christmas and New Year where you’re still munching through those leftovers and are half drunk every day (just me? I hope not) patiently waiting until NYE, which to me to be honest is always a total disappointment, so this year I’m just going to head back to Brighton and go with the flow, I’ve made no plans and I don’t want to, because we all know the best nights happen by chance.

Any way back to the outfit, winter makes me want to dress in creams and neutral tones, along with the autumnal sort of colours of course, I feel strange in all black as it’s not ‘me’. It’s hard to not live in jeans though, which is why these cords are perfect for an alternative.


Dress: Waiste Vintage
Boots: ASOS (now on sale!)

Photography: Kaye Ford

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Kaye again, on the day I went back up North for Christmas. (Talk about cutting it fine!) We shot these in Dead Wax Social in Brighton, a place I frequently visit and think, oh it would be great to do a shoot here. And so we did. I mean, just look at that wallpaper! Kay completely got my vibes and I absolutely love the results.

I literally hacked this seventies vintage maxi dress into a mini when I was late to my own Christmas party last week, and I’ve still not had a chance to hem it properly. It’s definitely the most festive dress I own, I realised when going through my wardrobe, I literally am not a dressy up person I’ve come to find. But I’d wear this dress all year round anyway, I love the light pink embroidery and the flared sleeves. This is my Christmas day outfit for sure, braving it with the red lips too! Because if you can’t wear red at Christmas, when can you? And at least I know no one else will be wearing this one!


Waistcoat: Beyond the Vintage
Top: Waiste Vintage
Flares and Boots: Free People

Photography: Kaye Ford

I have literally been living in these Free People flares. So much so if you look closely at these images there is a definite food stain there, haha, I’m such a messy eater. Honestly I love them so much I’ve bought them in two other colours, they fit so well.

I know I’ve contradicted myself from my last post when I said I wasn’t a trouser person, but these are FLARES. Flares are different. They’re just so much more comfortable and flattering than your average trouser, and make your legs look that little bit longer. I’m a fan for life, everyone should own a pair, you can honestly wear them with anything.


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