Dress: YAS via ASOS
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (old)

Photography: Kaye Ford

I think mustard has to be one of, if not my favourite colour. I just love the warmth and nostalgic feel to this iconic seventies colour, not only does it epitomise for me the colour of my favourite decade, but it’s the colour of sunshine and hazy summer too.

 And not only being my favourite colour, the beautiful 70s style flared sleeves of this dreamy maxi dress, it ticks all the boxes for me. I felt like a floaty seventies princess when we shot this in Hampstead, it suited the lake setting behind me perfectly.

I’m really such a fan of maxi dresses, especially when the weather has got all colder and that, because I’m really not a trouser or tight person. I’ve tried I really have, flares yes but I can’t wear them all winter I’ll get bored. I just find maxi dresses so flattering, whether most trousers I don’t find flattering at all?!


Dress: Y.A.S*
Cecile Boots: Free People
Fringe Jacket: Vintage from LA
Cord Baker boy: Brixton via ASOS

Photography: Kaye Ford

If anyone watches Broad City you will get the post title reference haha.

Another one from my amazing shoot with Kaye, I’m *almost* blending into my surroundings here. Nothing beats crisp Autumn leaves. I love the prettiness of the pattern and the frills on this YAS dress being toughened up by my old and very battered vintage western fringe jacket, one my of my most treasured possessions I picked up when I went to LA the first time.

As much as I’d like my style to stay on the bohemian girly side, being in the UK it’s just not that possible, and I do always tend to lean to a more of a western vibe sometimes, especially in winter when those floaty dresses just don’t cut it and I’m forced to cover my legs up for fear of frostbite. But I love blending the two and mixing up my style.


Dress: Freshman’s Sheffield
Shirt and Belt: Waiste Vintage
Boots: Free People
Kayla Cap: Brixton*

Photography: Kaye Ford

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey. How is it so far into Autumn already? As you cans see I’m still trying to get away with no tights until the (literally) bitter end. To be fair when I met up with Kaye to shoot it wasn’t even that cold.

I had such a great shoot with her, she totally got my vibes and is such a babe, was so pleased with how all the images came out! Can’t wait to shoot again soon. I’ve been in and out of anxiety with blogging and myself at the moment, so it was a real pick-me-up to be able to have such a lovely shoot, and made me excited to start doing this properly again! So I tried to style all the outfits I brought in similar colours and tones, so first up is this incredible vintage fringe dress.

Trying to bring a little turquoise into my wardrobe recently, and when do you ever come across a 1960s vintage turquoise leather fringe pinafore in perfect condition? I found it in Sheffield but the label says Brighton Leathers. So I’ve brought it back home?! haha.

 I’ve just bought some greeny/turquoise cord flares too but I’m not too sure how to style them just yet, but don’t want them to sit in my wardrobe forever. Have a look here and let me know what you think? I got them in rust first and I practically live in them. But I really want some in cream cord, now that would be perfect.


Rucksack: My Green Bag*
Embroidered Kaftan: Waiste Vintage
Boots: Free People (old)

Photography: Natasha Marshall

Hello October. The perfect time to wear this embroidered cotton kaftan, I’m obsessed with anything embroidered, vintage being the best of course. My favourite time of year is October, when it’s not quite-THAT-cold yet, all the pretty leaves are turning pretty colours and it’s time to get a little snuggly on the sofa watching some rubbish TV without feeling like I’m missing out on going out anywhere. Had a day off today which meant having a massive lie in, catching up on 53672 emails and taking Stanny for a walk on the beach.


Dress: Ilk+Ernie*
Jacket: Waiste Vintage

Photographer: Anna Felicia Photography

It feels so weird writing a blog post for the first time in months. I don’t know where to start. So much has happened that unfortunately I had to stop blogging for a while, I’ve just got so much going on. We’re now in the process of buying the shop myself and my boyfriend started as a little pop up in Feb, and we got a puppy! Plus keeping up with my ASOS work and my website, and basically life just got too hectic, and has flown by.

But I woke up today with the intention of getting into blogging again, and I’m forcing myself to do it, cup of tea in hand. Just realised these were shot a while back too! Time management is clearly not one of my key skills. These are part of a three part series working with a new photographer I found in Brighton called Anna Felicia who is absolutely lovely and totally got my vibe. I’m always looking for new photographers so if anyone is interested in shooting let me know!

These were taken in the cutest cafe near Preston Park called Cafe Rust, (which make the best chai lattes FYI) by the lovely Anna Felicia. I’m wearing the perfect dress for this Autumn, HELLO velvet and embroidery, my two favourite things! Made by my babe Jess who runs Ilk and Ernie, which will be stocked in our vintage shop in Brighton this week too, exciting! Lots of velvet, lace and fringe, dreamy.


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