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Last Wednesday was also known as the day that one of my dreams came true. Apologises for the total picture overload but anyone who knows me will know what a massive incredible deal it was that I had the chance to hang out at one of my favourite brands EVER, Free People, at their HQ, meeting lots of amazing girls, including Giselle who I’ve been wanting to meet for ages, plus my close friend Sarah was part of it too!
We got to play with rails of FP product, styling up some beautifully boho outfits for FPme. We had a mini photoshoot around Marylebone in some quintessentially London spots and finished the day with some lunch from a pretty little cafe. Dreamy.

 I’m literally still pinching myself at how amazing the opportunity and the day was, not once when I started blogging did I think that something like this would happen. Free People are literally the brand that inspires me the most, and I’m obsessed with their blog, so being on it is just an incredible feeling. When I saw the post on their site I literally danced around the room in excitement! 
 Thanks so much to everyone at Free People HQ, especially Lisa for the best day and making my dream come true. 
Read the full Free People blog here.

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