Party season is well and truly upon us. And I probably should have written this post about a month ago but there you go. Before I continue, let me just say I LOVE party dresses, this is not a post bashing them by any means, but I wanted to give you a few different outfit options/inspiration to make you stand out this part season, as I know for me that unless it’s a vintage number, I always have the fear that someone will turn up in the same dress as me. So I’ve looked into a few other options for you to make sure you are looking your best this party season. Including the piece I am loving at the moment-sequin trousers.

How good are these gold Sezane ones? They look great with this arket pussybow blouse or any satin/sheer puff sleeve blouse, I do love a gold and cream combination but they’d just look stunning with a black one too, I’ve linked a couple of styling options below-and if you want to make them into a jazzy daywear option (as who says sequin trousers are only for parties-not me) they look just as good with an oversized jumper too.

I also love the maxi skirt and top option, I recently wore the same arket blouse as I’m wearing here and left the bow open with my vintage silk maxi skirt in the same colour (see here  – linked a very similar one below) and that went down a treat, I loved that outfit and am definitely planning to wear it again soon. So you can also mix and match these outfits to create different looks for different festive  events. Side note: everyone actually thought it was one dress and were amazed when I told them it was separate pieces. I’ve linked a similar two piece by Sezane below, how pretty is that tulle skirt and shirt?

Trousers: Sezane (gift) Clips: And Other Stories, Satin Blouse: Arket (gift) Sandals: old Sezane

All photography: The Curries

Another thing I love and need to get into more are suits, I’ve included a dreamy one from and Other Stories (would look great with the arket satin blouse underneath, similar vibes to my satin outfit but in suit form and that rather snazzy gold one below from Topshop. That would look great either worn just the blazer with jeans, or as a set, or just the skirt with a blouse. That’s three different looks right there, and the same goes for THAT sleeper party pyjama set that’s been on my wishlist forever too. I’ve also included the matching top to the gold sequin Sezane trousers if you wanted to do double sequins, or how about a black sequin jumpsuit?



This blog post is a little different to what I usually post-but a very exciting one nonetheless. Last week I was asked to style up two girls in the style of Margot Robbie’s character Sharon Tate in the film Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.

Now, if you’ve not seen the film, it’s Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film (one of my favourite filmmakers ever) starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie. Set in Hollywood, LA in 1969 when the times are changing, Hollywood was between eras. , Margot Robbie plays Sharon Tate, the beautiful up-and-coming movie star living next door to Rick Dalton (Leo). If you are familiar with Sharon Tate you know she was one of Hollywood’s style icons in the 60s and costume designer Arianne Phillips pays homage to that.

I was asked to create four looks based on the character from the film, two day and two evening. Obviously being a vintage storeowner this is right up my street. As you know I specialise in 60s and 70s vintage stock so this was pretty much a dream job for me. I took inspiration from Arianne who used lots of yellow and orange-very Californian and very 60s inspired.

Photos courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


The two day looks were based on the iconic mini skirt and polo neck Sharon Tate wore ( Margot Robbie wearing this to the cinema in the film) and the simple t-shirt and shorts she wears when she was dancing in her bedroom. I did opt for jeans though as it is December!

These are the two day looks I created, and we shot them on the iconic Carnaby Street in London. I tried to use vintage as much as possible to style the girls to keep it true to style. On Kiera,  she is wearing a vintage black knit polo neck and white leather mini skirt, necklace from Two Feathers and white knee high 60s style boots from Jonak. Margot is wearing a yellow striped t-shirt from ASOS and vintage flared jeans with Kooples tan leather boots. I thought they both looked so great in the clothes.


Pics courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment/pinterest.

For the evening looks, of course I had to recreate the iconic snakeskin trench look that both Sharon Tate wore,  (to the premiere of Rosemary’s Baby) and Margot Robbie wears to a party in the film. The coat was originally made by Ossie Clark and it was recreated for the film. I absolutely love this floor length snakeskin patterned coat and it’s recreation – it’s one of my favourite looks from the film., This was one of my favourite looks to style up.

I found a beautiful snakeskin trench for Kiera from Mint Velvet and paired it with some brown knee high boots from Bobbies, with a vintage headscarf wrapped around her head, just like Margot had. Underneath I chose a 60s style dress from Realisation Par in the classic 60s yellow colour (, very similar to the yellow two piece worn in the film), with a turquoise squash blossom style necklace from Two Feathers. On Margot I dressed her in a 60s brown yellow and orange dress, drawing through the classic 60s californian colours and the colours from Kiera’s head scarf and she is wearing the 60s white Jonak boots. We shot these on Hollywood Road and in the beautiful Hollywood Arms –  in the Boulevard bar – -the perfect decadent background for the evening looks.

I had so much fun recreating these iconic looks from the film, it was such an amazing experience to be able to do this and create a fun 60s Hollywood look book to celebrate the home entertainment release. My dream day basically. I would love to know what you think of the looks and if you haven’t seen the film, Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood is out now to download & keep or own on, 4K UltraHD, Blu-ray and DVD.


Hair and Make up: Pamela & Andrea Make Up

Stylist : me

Photographer: Sophie Anneliese


We’ve all been there. I’m there right now to be honest which is why I’m writing this post. The colder weather is creeping in, it’s dark by 4pm , more often than not throwing it down with rain (especially recently-when will it end?) and all you’ve just about forgotten how to get dressed properly as all you feel like throwing on is some jeans and a jumper because it’s easy and you’re cold.

So to give you a little inspiration for the colder weather, and to show you you can definitely still wear dresses even when it’s cold. I’ve brought together the ten winter dresses to get you out of that routine because as easy as it is to just throw on a jumper, I find it makes for lazy dressing and you can get stuck in a rut and get bored really easily in winter. Think heavy fabrics such as velvet, darker colours, long sleeves, knitted, longer lengths and darker patterns and prints. They also look great layered with a polo neck underneath to keep you warm.

Dress gifted from: Lily and Lionel, Boots: The Kooples, Bag: See by Chloe

These dresses are perfect with boots/tights/cardigans/cosy teddy coats etc etc and are in fact lazy dressing-maybe even lazier than jumpers and jeans as you’re only throwing one thing on instead of two! Win win really.


Spoiler Alert: Contains Aff Links

I love tonal dressing, I just think it looks so great when you wear an outfit head to toe of similar colours together, it really makes me feel all grown up, chic and put together. Plus I feel like it makes an outfit look more expensive too (even when it totally isn’t) My favourite colours to tonal dress are of course browns, rusts, creams, burgandy, and white! It’s a look that’s so easy to achieve.

Take for example this rust tonal outfit from Arket, which might just be one of my favourite outfits of Autumn so far, and the comfiest. I also added my brown Lack of Colour hat and vintage Dior scarf, still playing with the shades from the rust colour as well as breaking up the outfit a little, plus I think the gold jewellery works really well to tie it in too. Oh and not forgetting my beloved Gucci 70s style sunglasses, they were a little present to myself on my last trip to Italy and I absolutely ADORE them

I firstly saw this cardigan in this beautiful brown/rust shade on the Arket website and it was love at first sight, and then I spied the Arket trousers in the similar shade and just knew that they would work really well together as an outfit, then I pulled it together with my rust snakeskin Miista boots, they add a bit more interest, texture and depth to my outfit. I think that’s the key to tonal dressing, play with different textures and elements of your outfit to create a fun look.

I love the fact the cardigan really big and oversized too, and these trousers feel like wearing fancy pyjama bottoms they’re so comfy. 

Cardigan: Arket (gift) , Trousers: Arket (gift) Boots: Miista, Necklaces: Mikaela Lyons and Lucy Williams x Missoma (gifts) Hat: Lack of Color, Sunglasses: Gucci

I’m really lucky to get a monthly gifting programme from Arket, and it’s fast become my go to for classic pieces and staple well made basics, everything I’ve had from them is so lovely and is really made to last. Plus they have a great recycling programme for all your unwanted textiles too, which you can read more about here. I just wish they would open a store in Brighton already!

All photography: Sophie Anneliese


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Spoiler Alert: Contains Aff Links

I’m sorry, how is it Autumn already? I feel like I just skipped summer and woke up straight into October. Not sure where this year has gone or how time is suddenly speeding? Remember when you were little and the six weeks holiday felt like forever? (in a good way of course: who ever wanted to go back to school, not me!) but nethertherless here we are in Jumper season again.

I thought I’d show you this very cute fluffy (but definitely not itchy) jumper I was kindly gifted from my favourite french label: Sézane. (my computer just autocorrected Sézane to Suzanne and that made me chuckle, our Suzanne gave me this) ANYWAY, I’ll admit when I first got this I wasn’t too sure, I was like is it grey? do I like grey? but the more I wear it the more I love it. I’ve also decided it’s more of a warm mink colour anyway.

I’ve not tried any knitwear from Sézane before as I only discovered them and started working with them in Spring I believe it was, but I’m so glad I did. It’s the best kind of cozy with that vintage look, and those sleeves. I’ve also got this yellow one which again has that lovely vintage look, and cute sleeves. These two are on high rotation in my wardrobe right now.

Jumper: Sézane (gift), Trousers: And Other Stories, Necklace: Lucy Williams x Missoma (gift)

Photography: Sophie Anneliese

The price point is slightly higher than high street alternatives, however the quality is just so much better. In fact, let it be said that I really rate how great the quality is of all Sézane products.  This one is a mixture of mohair and wool so it’s super soft. SO FLUFFY.

Shops to avoid: I had a few jumpers from Mango last year and they were the most terrible quality for the price, I would never buy knitwear from them again to be honest.

Other high street favourites: And Other Stories is another great shop for high street knitwear, and I’m a fan of H&M as well.

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