I’m sorry, how is it Autumn already? I feel like I just skipped summer and woke up straight into October. Not sure where this year has gone or how time is suddenly speeding? Remember when you were little and the six weeks holiday felt like forever? (in a good way of course: who ever wanted to go back to school, not me!) but nethertherless here we are in Jumper season again.

I thought I’d show you this very cute fluffy (but definitely not itchy) jumper I was kindly gifted from my favourite french label: Sézane. (my computer just autocorrected Sézane to Suzanne and that made me chuckle, our Suzanne gave me this) ANYWAY, I’ll admit when I first got this I wasn’t too sure, I was like is it grey? do I like grey? but the more I wear it the more I love it. I’ve also decided it’s more of a warm mink colour anyway.

I’ve not tried any knitwear from Sézane before as I only discovered them and started working with them in Spring I believe it was, but I’m so glad I did. It’s the best kind of cozy with that vintage look, and those sleeves. I’ve also got this yellow one which again has that lovely vintage look, and cute sleeves. These two are on high rotation in my wardrobe right now.

Jumper: Sézane (gift), Trousers: And Other Stories, Necklace: Lucy Williams x Missoma (gift)

Photography: Sophie Anneliese

The price point is slightly higher than high street alternatives, however the quality is just so much better. In fact, let it be said that I really rate how great the quality is of all Sézane products.  This one is a mixture of mohair and wool so it’s super soft. SO FLUFFY.

Shops to avoid: I had a few jumpers from Mango last year and they were the most terrible quality for the price, I would never buy knitwear from them again to be honest.

Other high street favourites: And Other Stories is another great shop for high street knitwear, and I’m a fan of H&M as well.

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I think knee high boots should be an absolute must have essential staple in anyone who hates wearing tights AW wardrobe, aka me. Can you tell how much I HATE TIGHTS. We do not get on, would rather not ruin my outfit thanks. Anyway, we all know how chilly in gets here in the UK so instead of tights, why not invest in some knee high boots to see through the cold, plus a great way of making sure you can get extra wear out of all your summer midi/maxi dresses and skirts. Don’t be so quick to pack them away just yet!  Just add a jacket or a chunky knit, and you’re good to go.

I (obviously) love a tan colour, for those Autumn seventies vibes, but these arket boots i’m wearing also come in black, red , and light brown too. The heel might look high, and they are a little higher than what I’m used to, but they are comfortable. I’ve walked around Brighton all day in these and forgot I was wearing them to be honest.

Dress: Fabienne Chapot (gifted), Boots: Arket (gifted), Fringe jacket: Waiste Vintage

I’ve listed my favourites I’ve found below, I love those cream ones from Mango with the contrast heel, and I’ve got my heart set on a burgundy mock croc pair next, either those stunning Ganni ones, or the stories ones. Ooh but those suede ASOS platforms ones though…decisions, decisions.

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Let’s talk about Reformation. Not only are they one of the coolest LA based brands that I’ve been following for years, they’re a pretty amazing sustainable brand too. Because they use sustainable materials they design and make what you want to wear right now, plus their fits are based on body size and they’re size inclusive too. I’ll just take one of everything, please and thank you.

Seriously though, everything they make is just cool, I feel like they’re all just so effortless, you could just throw on anything from them and that’s it you’re good to go, not to mention all their styling and campaigns are spot on. Plus their social media is really witty too, I always love getting the emails to read the subject line, I highly recommend signing up to their mailing list for the puns alone.

Dress gifted from Reformation

Basically this floral dress is the vintage dress you long to find that fits perfectly and has all the trendy updates right now with the sweetheart neckline, shirred back and slightly puffy sleeves. I kept it simple and styled it with my beautiful new buttery yellow Gucci platform loafers which tie in perfectly to the yellow floral detailing on the dress, and some retro looking Chloe sunglasses kindly gifted from Brand Alley but I think the dress could look so great with white knee high boots and a suede fringe jacket too for a transitional Autumn look.


Plus on a more serious side, with the whole sustainability aspect they are completely transparent with all their practices, design processes and their fashion impact which is amazing for such a big brand, and definitely sets the bar for all other brands to be doing the same. You can read more about them here and here. They put sustainability at the core of everything they do, which is incredible.


Also to note, they now have free express shipping to the UK with all the duties and taxes included in the price so you’re not hit with a massive customs charge when your parcel arrives, which I know is the biggest off putting thing when ordering online from America, those pesky charges, some can be as much as what you paid for the item, how I don’t know?! But, drum roll please….
The biggest news yet! THEY’RE COMING TO LONDON. Get on the list here. I’m so excited for this as I’ve been desperate to go to one of their stores for a trying on session and now I can.

Shop my favourite Reformation dresses below:

Although the dress was kindly gifted I didn’t have to write this blog post, I just wanted to shout about how great Reformation are.


So, it’s official, dressing like an Aperol Spritz is in and I am HERE FOR IT. And not just because I love a good Aperol and the colour orange, but because the colour is just so lovely and fun and flattering for everyone to be honest. Be more orange!

Orange dress gifted from Arket

I just loveeee this little sixties style dress from Arket that I wore on a recent trip to Italy. I went up a size as I wanted it to look more oversized and I just love the sleeves. It looks way more expensive than it actual is (and at £27 in the sale it’s not that expensive at all. You don’t even have to go full on orange, how about a little orange accessory like the sandals or the headband? A nod to the trend.

It’s just such a lovely warm colour that will definitely brighten up the washout that is August at the moment.

Aperol optional.

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The bigger the better. At the moment I just can’t get enough of a good old puff sleeve. I will go as far as to say all my none puff sleeve dresses just don’t look as good? I feel like there’s something missing, they just add so much more to a dress right now. Maybe I’m going through a phase, or maybe they’re here to stay, well for the rest of summer at least anyway.  And they just suit everyone! I’ve seriously never met a puff sleeve I didn’t like… Also how many times can I actually say puff sleeves in this blog post (don’t count). 

There’s some serious puff on these sleeves. Gifted from And Other Stories

All photos: Anneliese Photography

If you buy one dress this summer, please make it a puff sleeve one. My personal favourites below are the snakeskin Faithfull one I bought a couple of months ago and haven’t stopped wearing since, I get so many compliments on it ! It’s seriously so good I might bag the floral version below too, it’s been in and out of my basket so many times, also that ASOS one is a retro dream. But next on my hit list is that B&ash yellow maxi dress I’ve now got my heart set on it.

I like to accessorise mine with some gold shell jewellery and a basket bag.

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