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Snakes and Ruffles

Snake print is definitely my new favourite. Even if I’m not going to afford anything python printed from Chloe anytime soon, Zara definitely has some great alternatives, and has been causing a serious dent in my wallet recently. They’ve just built a ridiculously good one in Brighton and I’ve actually had to stop myself from going in because I keep…


Long Hair: Tips and Tricks

If you are a long time reader of this blog you will know my hair hasn’t always been this long and healthy, years ago I was obsessed with the bleach (why) and as a result of some pretty disastrous attempts to bleach my hair (DO NOT bleach your hair at home unless you are a professional or know exactly what…


The Bag That Goes with Everything

Ok, so if you follow me over on instagram, you’ll know my undying love for straw bags, however there’s now a new love of my life, my Polene bucket bag, aka the bag that goes with everything. I opted for the classic tan colour, (it also comes in four different colours) as I knew this was the colour that would…


Just Jeans and a Nice Top

This is fast becoming my uniform as of late: ‘oh you know, just jeans and a nice top’.  It’s just so simple, yet effective. Being a vintage shop owner and selling vintage denim definitely has it’s perks when it comes to finding the perfect fit vintage jeans, I tell you. I’m usually working in my shop, running to the post…


These boots were made for walking

Boots: c/o Matisse Playsuit: Topshop Hat: Brixton Photography: Jessica McCleave Man, I’ve been eyeing up these boots for ages, and I’m so glad they are finally on my feet! They go with just about anything, I love them with this Topshop playsuit, but they look just as good with jeans too. I love cream/ecru coloured boots, not very practical I know, but…


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