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Marry Me?

Most people who know me know that I’ve never been the marrying kind, but after wearing one of Rue de Seine dresses that could seriously change. Yes, yes of course I know I shouldn’t be getting married just for the dress obviously, but also LOOK AT THIS DRESS. It has fringe detachable sleeves for heavens sakes, I actually want to…


Exactly Where I Need To Be

Well, it’s not often you can walk around the UK in just jeans and a t-shirt is it? let’s face it, even in summer here. But, by some sort of sign from the Gods that absolutely everyone here was sick of winter, there was a miraculous heatwave last week, and that just left me craving more sun. I do admit…


Zig Zag

I literally couldn’t think of the word for chevron for ages then, it’s definitely not ‘zig zag’ as this really clever and witty and thoughtful blog title likes to think. I swear there’s something wrong with my brain sometimes, it always appears to stop working when I really need it, especially around the time when I have to introduce people, everyones names…


Spring Romance 💐

The very first thing I noticed when looking at this blog post was omg I’m not wearing any vintage. A rare thing for me indeed. I’m really feeling snakeskin at the moment, I’m the kind of person that gets obsessed with things very easily (and quickly) you know when you can’t stop thinking about something you just have? Anyone else suffer from this?…


Trying (and failing) to Keep the Balance

Dress: Faithfull Boots: Free People (I am in desperate need a new pair, these have holes in! Free people please bring them back in my size!)  No one ever said it would be easy did they, being an adult? No one ever said how hard it was going to be either. Trying to find the balance between working (what used to be three jobs) and…


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