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Things to do in January when you’re broke

Organising my life/diary out with a little help from Papier January can sometimes feel like the longest month of the year. The weather’s miserable, Christmas has long gone and you’re either impatiently waiting to get paid, or you have the dreaded tax bill looming. And I have two tax bills. My personal and my company so DOUBLE joy for me.…


Weekly Pinterest Inspiration

This year I’m getting a little more organised with blog posts, I want to start doing certain themes a week/bi weekly. For example off the top of my head: my weekly Pinterest inspiration, the ten best, my week in outfits etc. I’m just trying to get a little more into a routine of dedicating more time to my blog and…


5 Things that are better to buy Vintage

Let’s talk vintage. Apart from being one of my favourite ways to shop, it’s of course a more sustainable way too, and it’s great to shop vintage with the current trends that are popular in fashion right now. You can find things no one else has, or buy into current trends in an individual and even more affordable way. Of…



Happy New Year, and Happy New decade. Wow where did that go? I hope everyone had a lovely festive break (hopefully without too much family drama etc) As always, Christmas and New Year went by in the blink of an eye. I always feel like they should move New Year to when the Winter changes to Spring as I find…


Party Outfits that aren’t Dresses

Party season is well and truly upon us. And I probably should have written this post about a month ago but there you go. Before I continue, let me just say I LOVE party dresses, this is not a post bashing them by any means, but I wanted to give you a few different outfit options/inspiration to make you stand…


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