Hello! and welcome to another edition of Wednesday wishlist. On a Thursday. Anyway…introducing all the things I’m lusting after this week. And what a cute little list we have this week! Full of florals, checkerboard and zig zag patterns with a dash of pink. As you can see I already have that puff sleeve floral dream of a Sezane jumpsuit and I absolutely love it. The print ! The sleeves!  If it’s still a bit cold outside (which it is) why not make your legs look pretty with those amazing Free People tights. Just look at that Sezane puff sleeve dress too-it also comes in the same print as the jumpsuit-you could even do double florals and wear the tights and dress together! I so would.

I’m so into checkerboard patterns at the moment too, those Monki leggings are just a dream (and have a matching blazer if you want a full look) how CUTE is that tufted checked cushion, I’m desperate to get a checked rug for the flat too. I’ve also included my favourite jeans in the world as they’ve released a new colour so I’m going to have to get those.




Hello me again, bringing you a Wednesday wishlist on a Thursday again. But Thursday Wishlist really doesn’t have the same ring to it does it… ANYWAY. I am sorry about being a day late but will anyone really notice my defence it’s because I have completely lost track of the days this lockdown, everyday is really groundhog day at the moment. But it is GETTING WARMER (fish/slightly) and the sun has been out nearly all week here in Brighton. I bet I’ve jinxed that now. As you can see this weeks wishlist is another cute and colourful one because I feel like fun playful outfits are really the way to go now to brighten up this lockdown !


I must confess I have actually purchased the below Prada sandals already after about a year of deliberation and they are arriving tomorrow ! I AM SO EXCITED. The ‘dad’ sandals are definitely sticking around for another year for sure. I’ve got my eye on some Chanel ones so I had better start saving ! How cute is the Olivia Rubin loungewear set but the way, all my favourite colours and just so fun. That vintage cardigan is an absolute dream too, as are those Zimmermann flares. Pink are now my preference too-and those Gucci ones below (ok I already own those but had to put them on here) are on sale right now too. Happy Spring Shopping !



Well I don’t know about anyone else but these random glimpses of sunshine recently have got me craving Spring even more. Literally as soon as the sun comes out even just a little bit I’m tempted to swap my wardrobe over and rediscover all my summer pieces again but I know I’m peaking that little bit too soon. I went out with no coat on the other day as it looked so sunny but let me tell you I was FREEZING. Big mistake.

However I thought I’d put together a little post on all the brands and pieces I am coveting and want to buy for Spring that I’ve been day dreaming about for a LONGGGG time now. It’s very easy to get carried away and impulse buy (which is something I am trying to no longer do) so be having this as a post I can see the things here on my wishlist and if I still want them in a couple of weeks/a month when it finally gets warmer I know I’ll be ready to make that investment. I’ve just chosen my three favourite pieces, otherwise we’ll be here all day.

White blouse gifted: Bohemy Shop, Check trousers: Sezane

First up we have Sezane, which suit I’m wearing in these photos. I love this french brand, every collection just gets better, it’s my favourite place to shop knitwear in winter, and pretty tops in summer. The white top is such a summer staple piece and one I’ve been searching for for a while, and the mustardy one looks like it could be vintage-I dream of finding something like that. I love how vintage inspired Sezane is (it started off as a vintage shop I believe) their quality is amazing, and this collection is their best yet.

Shop Sezane



Second we have the whole new Faithfull collection. I want it all. I’ve always loved this brand they really epitomise summer for me. If I could afford to own it all I would. However, I’ve narrowed it down to three pieces (oh and also possibly this dress) which I feel would work well in my wardrobe. First up we have the vintage floral midi dress-how cute would this be with a cream cardigan and mules, or a basket bag come summer? The print might not be to everyones tastes but it’s definitely to mine. Next are those 60s inspired patterned trousers which I adore, there’s a matching bikini top that goes with them-or would look amazing with a cream puff sleeve or vintage blouse. And lastly we have the dress in the same print, I’m just sold on that sweetheart neckline, shirred bodice and puff sleeves. So flattering !

Shop Faithfull

Next on my wishlist, (and that first dress has been on it for a longgg while-I have dreams about that dress) is anything by Doen. It’s a little more of the expensive side so it’s definitely more of an investment piece, but they are woman owned ethical clothing brand from LA and really care for the environment. You can buy selected and exclusive pieces from Net-a-Porter so you swerve the customs charge too. I’m hoping they add more pieces soon but at the moment these three are at the top of my list.

Shop Doen

I feel like I’ve saved the best til last. I want everything from Dodo Bar Or! Just look at all. Have you ever seen a more me brand? It’s seventies inspired heaven. Omg I can’t wait for summer. I am definitely investing in something from Dodo. They do matching swimwear as well, I just love a retro print with a modern silhouette.

Shop Dodo Bar Or


Suit jacket: Sezane

All photography : Sophie Anneliese

Spoiler alert: contains aff links

Party season is well and truly upon us. And I probably should have written this post about a month ago but there you go. Before I continue, let me just say I LOVE party dresses, this is not a post bashing them by any means, but I wanted to give you a few different outfit options/inspiration to make you stand out this part season, as I know for me that unless it’s a vintage number, I always have the fear that someone will turn up in the same dress as me. So I’ve looked into a few other options for you to make sure you are looking your best this party season. Including the piece I am loving at the moment-sequin trousers.

How good are these gold Sezane ones? They look great with this arket pussybow blouse or any satin/sheer puff sleeve blouse, I do love a gold and cream combination but they’d just look stunning with a black one too, I’ve linked a couple of styling options below-and if you want to make them into a jazzy daywear option (as who says sequin trousers are only for parties-not me) they look just as good with an oversized jumper too.

I also love the maxi skirt and top option, I recently wore the same arket blouse as I’m wearing here and left the bow open with my vintage silk maxi skirt in the same colour (see here  – linked a very similar one below) and that went down a treat, I loved that outfit and am definitely planning to wear it again soon. So you can also mix and match these outfits to create different looks for different festive  events. Side note: everyone actually thought it was one dress and were amazed when I told them it was separate pieces. I’ve linked a similar two piece by Sezane below, how pretty is that tulle skirt and shirt?

Trousers: Sezane (gift) Clips: And Other Stories, Satin Blouse: Arket (gift) Sandals: old Sezane

All photography: The Curries

Another thing I love and need to get into more are suits, I’ve included a dreamy one from and Other Stories (would look great with the arket satin blouse underneath, similar vibes to my satin outfit but in suit form and that rather snazzy gold one below from Topshop. That would look great either worn just the blazer with jeans, or as a set, or just the skirt with a blouse. That’s three different looks right there, and the same goes for THAT sleeper party pyjama set that’s been on my wishlist forever too. I’ve also included the matching top to the gold sequin Sezane trousers if you wanted to do double sequins, or how about a black sequin jumpsuit?



I’m sorry, how is it Autumn already? I feel like I just skipped summer and woke up straight into October. Not sure where this year has gone or how time is suddenly speeding? Remember when you were little and the six weeks holiday felt like forever? (in a good way of course: who ever wanted to go back to school, not me!) but nethertherless here we are in Jumper season again.

I thought I’d show you this very cute fluffy (but definitely not itchy) jumper I was kindly gifted from my favourite french label: Sézane. (my computer just autocorrected Sézane to Suzanne and that made me chuckle, our Suzanne gave me this) ANYWAY, I’ll admit when I first got this I wasn’t too sure, I was like is it grey? do I like grey? but the more I wear it the more I love it. I’ve also decided it’s more of a warm mink colour anyway.

I’ve not tried any knitwear from Sézane before as I only discovered them and started working with them in Spring I believe it was, but I’m so glad I did. It’s the best kind of cozy with that vintage look, and those sleeves. I’ve also got this yellow one which again has that lovely vintage look, and cute sleeves. These two are on high rotation in my wardrobe right now.

Jumper: Sézane (gift), Trousers: And Other Stories, Necklace: Lucy Williams x Missoma (gift)

Photography: Sophie Anneliese

The price point is slightly higher than high street alternatives, however the quality is just so much better. In fact, let it be said that I really rate how great the quality is of all Sézane products.  This one is a mixture of mohair and wool so it’s super soft. SO FLUFFY.

Shops to avoid: I had a few jumpers from Mango last year and they were the most terrible quality for the price, I would never buy knitwear from them again to be honest.

Other high street favourites: And Other Stories is another great shop for high street knitwear, and I’m a fan of H&M as well.

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